I really dislike tattoos. Like, really. I’ve never seen one that I thought was particularly attractive, and my poor boyfriend can attest that I voluntarily forget that his ink exists. That said, my heart softened a little to the idea when I read the news that Chanel will be releasing a set of temporary tattoos in boutiques this March. Real ink is one thing, Chanel ink is another.

As the fashionistas may recall, Chanel’s Spring 2010 show featured temporary tattoos along the models’ collarbones and around their legs. Now, you’ll be able to recreate the looks at home with the Chanel Les Trompe L’Oeil temporary tattoos, which will cost a whopping $75 for a set of 55 different tattoos. This makes me think that perhaps the set won’t include the big body tattoos featured in the show, but it is supposed to be inspired by the show designs.

$75 is a lot of money for temporary tattoos, but I might consider sporting them for fun if they were really cool (and received as a gift). Or that might just be the Chanel talking. Would you adorn yourself with Chanel tattoos if you had the chance? Anyone have a real Chanel tat?

Photo Credit: Style.com