You’ll use that purple lipstick again someday, right? And that lash glue you bought on Halloween will come in handy next year too. If you are anything like me, you have a stockpile of beauty products taking up space in your home. I have what some of my family and friends like to call a “tackle box” (it’s a train case, really) full of makeup. I also have cosmetic cases and a desktop full of products that I see every day before reaching for my five standbys that never change. I think it’s time for a clean out, and here are some tips to help you downsize before you start revamping your look for 2010.

Check the Expiration Date — I know that not many products have an actual expiration date on them, but your products do go bad after a period of time. The quickest thing to expire is usually mascara, which is not surprising since sometimes it seems that it gets clumpy a week after I open a new tube. Toss it if it is more than three or four months old. Any liquid products, like foundation, probably won’t last you more than a year before they start to separate. Eyeshadows and pencils will last the longest — up to three years! Also, don’t forget to clean your brushes on a regular basis so they don’t start growing bacteria.

Assess Your Stock — Take a look at what exactly you are buying. I tend to gear toward nude pinks for lip color and shimmery champagne for eyeshadow. Subsequently, I have about 15 variations of each, and I only really use one or two of each. Decide what your favorites are and ditch the rest. This will make room for new and exciting shades that you haven’t tried before! Now, just try to restrain yourself from buying the same thing over again!

Use Up Samples — I get a ton of makeup samples (thanks, Sephora Beauty Insider program!), and while I find myself using some of them, others go untouched in my tackle box — ummm, train case! Samples are given out for a reason: to entice you into buying the full-sized product after you love the sample. I say that you should give all samples a fair chance (they are free, after all), and if you like them enough consider making the product a new regular in your routine. If you don’t like it, then toss it! I know the little packaging is cute, but it’s time to let go.

Now that you’ve cleaned out your products, don’t you feel better? I leave you fully prepared for tomorrow’s post on revamping your makeup looks this year. Hope you’ve cleared out some space for the new you!

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