About two years ago, my friend recommended a lip therapy treatment that seemed too good to be true. During the winter, the edges of my lips get pretty dry and nothing ever seemed to solve this problem. Even if I exfoliated my lips and applied chapstick, it still wasn’t soft and smooth…that is until I started using Murad’s Treat and Repair lip therapy.

There are two different kinds and both work just as well. The Soothing Skin and Lip Care is yellowish in color, and the Energizing Pomegranate Lip Therapy SPF 15 is pinkish. I keep one in my nightstand and the other in my purse. They are a little pricey, but you really don’t need to use much so one tube can go a long way. I think my first tube lasted about a year.

Along with applying a healing ointment to my hands before I go to bed, I also apply Murad’s lip care to my lips. By the time I wake up, my lips feel smooth and hydrated. So if you have a hot date coming up, this is definitely a way to prepare your lips for that end of the night kiss!

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