Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great honor that I present to you the best YouTube makeup tutorial that I’ve seen in quite some time: Courtney Love’s First and Last Makeup Tutorial! Yes folks, you heard me right. If you were ever wondering how in the world that woman manages to look so gosh darned amazing all the time, wonder no longer. Just watch.

In the beginning of this video, we see Courtney declare herself as a “skin whore”, whatever that means. Next, she dons an interesting smock and what is probably a designer headband to hold her hair out of her face. Then we get to watch as she mumbles things to herself while applying eyeshadow and gives herself “drag eyes” with eyebrow pencil. She also applies “diamond dust” to her face, which I think is just another word for glitter since I don’t have any knowledge of a product called diamond dust. She claims that the more you put on, the better it sticks (???).

Finally, we end the video with a fully made-up Courtney and no clue how she really finished the look. The important part is that she’s doing what she loves though… right?