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Winter can be an adventurous season filled with skiing, snowboarding and hiking, but you don’t even have to do these extreme sports to get dry, chapped hands. Sometimes all it takes is forgetting to wear your gloves when you run errands and then you’re left to deal with flaky, rough hands. So how do you revive the skin on your hands overnight? More »

When you see Hollywood movie stars walking down the red carpet, they always have flawless makeup. How do they get those perfect looking pouts? I can tell you as a makeup artist, some lips are not born perfect. More »

I learned of the Tweezerman Extractor while receiving a facial in Austin, Texas last year. For those who’ve never had an extraction facial, basically it involves the beautician removing any blackheads or blemishes from your skin in the least damaging way possible.

Here’s how it works: Cleanse your face with warm water (not hot…you don’t want to dry out or damage your skin, merely open up the pores). This could also be done right after you hop out of the shower. More »

I’m obsessed with things that look beautiful from the inside out, and it definitely shows in my bathroom. Even though I have too much makeup and hair products, I still organize them in stylish trays, baskets and bags. Not only does this make my life simple when I’m looking for my products, it also just makes me feel good to have adorable makeup bags to stash in my purse or take on trips. More »

For this week’s YouTube tutorial, I actually tried out the method being taught! Water marbling is how you can create a tie-dye sort of look on your nails, and it is actually a lot of fun to do! You can see my results above, which actually look a lot cooler in real life. It’s hard to take pictures without good lighting! I did two “accent” nails as the video suggests, because I didn’t have the time to do my full hands. More »

From Ningin: MLG fans, get ready. The first official Mixr League Gaming Season I kicks off its first of six rounds of ladder games this Saturday, Jan. 23. Four teams will compete for the ultimate MLG ladder glory: Ningin, Mixr Users (you), WireMe (gaming site Wirebot + beauty site FlauntMe) and BlitzKuTek (Blitznation, Rekuru, Ziggytek). 4 teams, 6 rounds, one amazing season. More »

Got a man? Want a man? Either way, you should be all set this Valentine’s Day with Philosophy’s Flirty Girl Set. You likely already know that Philosophy products smell amazing and the Flirty Girl Set is no different. This set will land you a man in no time at all. Or make the one you have very happy. More »

“Hello Flawless” Custom Powder Cover-up with SPF15 by Benefit Cosmetics is my new favorite product. What makes this product so special, is that it gives the skin flawless coverage while it protects it too. The texture is a wonderful mix of powder and silky smooth cover up. More »

This week’s international beauty secret, Rose of Heaven Body Cream, comes from Japan and Bulgaria! A Japanese friend of mine recommended this body cream that is made with Bulgarian damask roses by Kose. This is a thick body butter that claims to leave your skin velvety smooth. I’m a fan of almost anything rose scented, so count me in! More »

Perfectly shaped eyebrows are the foundation to beautiful makeup, because they frame and balance the face. Below are some steps to help you create well-groomed eyebrows. More »

It’s no secret that Sephora is a leader (if not the leader) in beauty in the U.S. I’ve been shopping there for years, and I’ve always been impressed by the level of customer service that I received while shopping. My grandfather always used to say that when he was a newlywed shopping in department stores for my grandmother that the sales people would bring him a chair and a drink while they went to find the perfect gift — now that’s service!

Anyway, the sales people at Sephora aren’t pushy, but they know their stuff when you need them. Today, I was on a mission to find a new under eye concealer, and I was so happy when I walked out of the store, that I felt the need to share! More »

Proactive is one of those companies that does a really good job with their marketing campaigns. Clear, acne-free skin is something we all want when it comes to our beauty routines. But it can be a bit embarrassing admitting that we have acne and need help. Katy Perry wants us to know she’s in the same boat and that Proactive can help. More »

I have been battling razor burn on my legs ever since I began shaving. I still envy girls that have flawlessly smooth legs, especially during the summertime. Although I still can’t shave my legs every day, I have at least found a way to manage my sensitive skin and prevent that awful burn and red, raised bumps. More »

Make-up artists love the Beauty Blender Sponge. Why? It simply works and is so easy to use.

Created by two top Hollywood makeup artists, Rea Ann Silva and Veronica Lorenz, its patent-pending elliptical shape was created to take away the streaks and lines other foundation applicators can leave behind. More »

In my earlier post, I didn’t write about the lovely Miss Marion Cotillard at last night’s awards ceremony. That’s because she deserves her very own post! In addition to sporting a totally cool updo and a sexy gown that revealed a little peek of a lacy slip underneath, she also rocked some awesome forest green nail polish! More »



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