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I’ll never forget the first (and maybe only?) time that I rode in a convertible. I was in junior high, and one of my friend’s mom had just bought one. We were going to the movies to meet some boys, and her mom drove us in the convertible. So. Cool. Now, this might have something to do with the fact that I grew up in New England where convertibles are not the most practical vehicle, but all I remember is feeling like someone was pointing a big fan at my face. A big, cold fan. My hair was all over the place, but I think I still managed to pull off a cool entrance to the theater where the boys were waiting for us (in my head at least).

If only Mercedes had thought of this one sooner: a wind guard that keeps the wind off of you while you cruise in your convertible. More »

Things are going wonderfully for actress Zoe Saldana. Though she was mostly animated in the movie Avatar, that didn’t stop everyone from seeing how truly beautiful she is. And now Zoe is the new face of Avon! More »

I’ve probably said it before, but I’ll say it again: I love LUSH. All of my skincare products come from LUSH, and I’ve never had anything that worked better on me! I used to not be able to walk in to the store without buying something, so I’ve pretty much tested out everything they have. They released these Sugar Scrubs awhile ago, and somehow I never picked one up until recently. I’m really glad I did though! More »

Berry colored lips are one of the hottest makeup of trends for Spring 2010. Not sure which berry lipstick will work for you? Being a makeup artist gives me a different perspective when it comes to color. We as artists tend to think, it’s not the color you wear, it’s how you wear it.

With that being said if you want to play it safe, use this quick reference guide to help you decide which berry lipstick will look its best on you! More »

One of the big hair trends for this spring is the scarf. Whether it is loosely tied around your hair, intricately wrapped into a chic turban, or woven into a long braid, the scarf has many functions. So as long as you are being functional, why not be philanthropic at the same time? Tribal Societé is a really fun online shop that sells products made by local artisans in places like Colombia, Ecuador, and Brazil. A portion of all sales go to the Global Fund for Women! One of my favorite products they sell are the scarves made in Thailand. More »

It’s no exaggeration when I say I’ve been looking for the perfect bronzer forever. OK, so at least since I realized how sickly I look in the winter and how a little bit of color really does make all the difference. Every bronzer I tried either looked incredibly fake on me or felt thick and caked on. Until I discovered The Body Shop’s Bronzing Powder. More »

How did I not know that this existed?? As a fan of Smith’s Rosebud Salve for eons, I never knew that the moisturizing salve comes in tube form! Jinra and I have already discussed our general distaste for lipgloss that comes in a pot, so this could be the solution to a terrible sanitary problem we have with the original version. More »

Ready for a new hair style? I know I am. But what new styles can we try to do without making fools of ourselves? Not to worry, I pulled a few simple styles, slightly non-traditional looks off the runway for us. More »

We are now well into the first month of 2010, and to end our New Year’s Resolution special, I thought I’d share my top 10 beauty resolutions with you! More »

If you could ask any professional in the world your beauty questions, who would it be? Chances are, most people wouldn’t even have to think before saying Bobbi Brown. I mean, the woman is pretty much a beauty God and seems to have all the answers to looking beautiful and wearing makeup properly. Well, you’re in luck because Bobbi Brown is answering all your beauty-related questions right from Twitter! More »

Angelina Jolie is a strong and beautiful woman, so who wouldn’t want to emulate her? She is starring in an upcoming movie called “Salt”, where she portrays Evelyn Salt, a CIA Operative accused of espionage. She takes on a few identity changes to elude capture and becomes a federal fugitive on the run. More »

I could open this post with something cute like, “Ever wanted to see what you’d look like with a smaller nose? There’s an app for that!”, but I won’t because there is nothing cute about this iPhone application. In fact, it sort of borders on insanity. iSurgeon allows you to take photos of yourself, family and friends and then alter your image to see what you’d look like with plastic surgery! Nice!

You can choose from four procedures: tummy tuck, nose job, breast augmentation or gluteal augmentation (aka butt lift). Take a look at the video demonstration (and hear the disgustingly realistic sound effects) of the application after the cut. More »

Looking in the mirror today, I have realized that I’m in dire need of something for my eyebrows. I keep catching glimpses of little stray hairs below my brow line, and they have gradually lost shape. Getting my eyebrows done is one of those things that I always think I’ve done recently when really it was five months ago, and it’s definitely time! My only problem is that I’m not sure how I want to get them done this time. Suggestions anyone? More »

Hair is an easy thing to change, because even if you don’t want to cut it, you can wear it differently by straightening or curling it. But now that it’s 2010, it’s time to for drastic measures and to start rockin’ a new haircut. More »

I was browsing Spoiled Pretty, a great beauty blog, when I came across her post about the On the Cuff wrist sponge. Basically, it is a sponge bracelet that you wear to keep water from running down your arms while you wash your face (or, as the video demonstrates, wash dishes and the car). At first, I thought it was a little hokey… I mean, would you really wear wrist cuffs while you wash your face? But then I started thinking about how annoying it is when you have to wipe up a puddle of water after, and maybe wrist cuffs aren’t so bad after all! More »



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