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Feast your eyes on this gorgeous YSL 4 Colour Harmony for Eyes in “Absinthe Green” (No. 3). I instantly fell in love with this eyeshadow palette of three delicious greens and blue. What can I say, I am a sucker for color and a good price. Beauty Ticket is selling this for $13.09, from its original price of $40.01. More »

Japan Fashion Week is underway, and already there have been some crazy looks down the runway. During Keiichi Muramatsu’s Everlasting Sprout Fall presentation, the models wore these amazing headpieces, seemingly made out of hair! More »

From Ningin: Every March, the iconic Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition serves as a friendly reminder that I probably need to revisit my New Years’ resolutions. Recently, I was able to interview one of my reminders, Sports Illustrated model Jessica Gomes. Aside from Sports Illustrated and her work in Korea, some of her credits include Victoria’s Secret, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. She was kind enough to provide us insight on her life as a model, working in Korea (especially with Lee Min Ho) and her non-secrets to staying beautiful. More »

Pick up the latest in bright spring products from Tarte Cosmetics! They show you exactly which of their products to use to get the hottest spring looks out today. They are especially known for their wonderful Cheek Stains. More »

In celebration of the soy milk festival in Hakone, Japan, a hot spring inn in Hakone Kowakien provided their guests with soy milk baths. More »

Chanel seems to have a hard time striking out with, uh, anything. Especially when it comes to nail polish! Starting on April 1st, you’ll be able to get your hands on the new Paris-Shanghai makeup collection, which includes yet another lust-worthy nail color: Illusion D’or. More »

A lot of my childhood has been under the influence of old wives’ tales my mother brought with her from the Philippines. One such wives’ tale involves hair dye. According to my mom, hair dye causes cancer. The irony in this, is that my mother dyes her hair regularly and has over the years, achieved blonde hair. This past weekend, I tested this wives’ tale and dyed my virgin black hair. At a non-English speaking Korean salon. More »

Warm weather is returning and most of us can’t wait. The folks on the East coast have had so much snow this winter; a day of sunshine is always welcome. What can we do to prepare ourselves for warmer weather and plenty of sunshine? More »

Keeping your body healthy is just as important as any beauty regimen, but sometimes it is way easier to think about exercising than to actually get to the gym and do it. Lots of people choose to switch up their exercise regimens on a regular basis to keep things fresh, and I’ve got something that you should try if you get the chance — Zumba! It’s a Latin dance class that aims to make exercising fun. More »

Pencil Me In Cosmetics is sharing with us their best beauty tips on how to achieve different looks and which eye pencils best compliments certain hair colors too. More »

I’m really glad that my days of bad acne are in the past. There were a few years during junior high when I thought that I’d have pimples forever, but now I only get the occasional stress breakout. The thing that I find really annoying is that avoiding clogged pores on my nose is still really hard. I recently bought some CVS brand pore strips to see if they helped at all. More »

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a little overwhelmed by this whole heath care bill. I feel like no matter where I turn, all I can get is a biased opinion of why this is either the beginning of something amazing or the descent into socialism. I should stop being lazy and look into it more so that I can actually have an opinion, right? I feel like there are so many little details that I keep missing, including one that I heard about a few days ago: tax on tanning services. More »

Is it wrong for me to love Hello Kitty beauty accessories? I mean, seriously. I have two daughters who love Hello Kitty everything! Should someone my age be tempted to buy Hello Kitty anything? More »

Marie Claire online did a great post on sensitive skin and if we were allergic to our beauty products. They give you a list of five steps to take for prevention of a bad reaction. Are we allergic to certain products or just plain sensitive? More »

The Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) host an awards ceremony each year for leading products in the beauty industry, and the 2010 finalists have been announced! There are a lot of major brands nominated, like MAC, Maybelline, and Frederic Fekkai, but the one that I found the most surprising is in the Men’s category: a face wash for Avon by none other than Dr. McDreamy. More »

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