How many of you have a turquoise eyeshadow? Do you love the color but have no idea how to wear it? You are in luck! Bright candy colored eyeshadows are in for spring again.
Colors like lavender, mint green, corals and teals is making a splash for Spring/Summer 2010.

Example: Urban Decay Star Dust Eyeshadow Atmosphere - Turquoise w/iridescent sparkle

How do I wear this color?

You can wear this color quite easily alone. However, it is more fun to find a partner in crime color to playfully blend them together.

How to wear it alone:

Wear it as a eyeliner, using a liner brush

Contour the eye lid crease for more depth

Create a sparkling green smokey eye, by wearing the color on the entire lid, crease, as a liner and under the bottom lash line.

Try using these two colors together:

Example: Urban Decay Star Dust Eyeshadow #54 - Light purple w/iridescent sparkle

How to wear both colors together:
Wear the #54 eyeshadow on the bottom lash line, to lightly brighten and open up the eyes

Apply the #54 eyeshadow on the lower lids to highlight the inner corners of the eyes. Contour the outer corner with the Atmosphere eyeshadow.

Use the #54 eyeshadow as base color; apply the Atmosphere eyeshadow in the lower lids working it up unto the eyelid crease.

Apply the #54 eyeshadow as a liner on the top and bottom lash line. Work the Atmosphere eyeshadow on the lower lids only for depth.

Both eyeshadows are iridescent colors, so when mixed and blended they create a brand new sparkling shade and work well together in contrast.

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