I was sent this link today, and I’m sort of in awe of the magnitude of this Japanese nail art. As you all probably know by now, I’m a huge fan of soak-off gel nail art, and I get it done whenever I can. This Japanese blogger has the most insane nails that I have ever seen! I don’t even know how she functions in day-to-day life with these claws!

Her art seems to go beyond finger nails and right up her fingers! It looks like she gets charms and gems that hang off of her nails and dangle down her fingers. Can you imagine trying to open a can of soda with these on your fingers? No, wait, let’s get more basic — how about buttoning your jeans? I wonder if she has to have someone assist her.

According to my manicurist, who was trained in Japan, getting nail art like this in Japan is way more expensive than it is here. Girls can spend well over the equivalent of $100 on one manicure! I wonder how much this girl has to drop for her finger bling!

Source: Sakurina via Drop Dead Cute