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1, 2, 3, pop diva star Britney Spears is back with a new fragrance, Radiance, for Elizabeth Arden. I must say, the bottle looks gorgeous, all bedazzling and positively screaming Spears’s name. More »

The Brazilian Peel is a facial peel treatment meant for use at home. It has nearly the same benefits of a professional peel. Who doesn’t want to cast away old acne scars, large ugly looking pores, major breakouts, and sun damage? Women like us have been wondering why their peels are out of strength. There is no way that can explain it. Lucky for us, ex-Johnson & Johnson produced a great formula in the Brazilian Peel that targets scarring, large pores and sun damage. More »

Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance Nail Lacquer is very appropriately named, since this sultry dark and purple glittered color was made using pop icon, Lady Gaga herself as the inspiration. More »

Another great product from CHANEL. In celebration of Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out, Peter Philips, Global Creative Director of CHANEL Makeup, has created “Les Khakis De CHANEL.” It is a collection of three Le Vernis Nail colors. More »

Two days ago, I received some samples from emerginC’s Scientific Organics skincare line (more specifically, their Kombucha Cleanser, Phytocell Cream, and Phytocell Detox Mask), and you can bet I threw away my normal cleansing routine to try these new products out. More »

The hot and amazing Shakira just recently released a TV commercial for her first upcoming fragrance under the name, ‘S.’ With Shakira looking fierce and hot for this commercial, I’m still wondering what it smells like. More »

Twilight star Ashley Greene just found herself the new spokesperson for Mark cosmetics and let me just be the first to say, “Wait, what?” As much as I adore Alice Cullen (she’s not only my favorite character, but I oh-so-love Greene’s pixie cut), I never would have expected this from her. Guess I’m still living the Lauren Conrad phase. More »

Not surprisingly, after pop sensation Lady Gaga came out with her Bad Romance music videos, teenagers across the globe scrambled to get her wide-eyed look by purchasing circle lenses. However, if infected, these contacts can cause a person to lose their vision within 24 hours. Now is it worth it? More »

A German company has developed essentially a diamond blade razor. Pretty snazzy, right? It is suppose to last 1,000 times longer than your normal steel razor and stays sharp to give you a clean shave. More »

Lady Gaga is at it once again. After her successful and gorgeous Viva Glam Gaga lipstick, which became the most popular products in MAC Cosmetic’s history, she is going to release another version called Viva Glam Gaga Lipglass. More »

My fragrance collection has been craving for another one to join them. It’s been awhile since I’ve found anything with a nice sweet fragrance. Fortunately, A Beautiful Life has three new fragrances for those in the market to smell pretty. Each fragrance is created for different occasions as they have been inspired by something special. Read on for the newest from A Beautiful Life: More »

Today, I’m going to review Chanel Rouge Coco 10 Camelia. Once again CHANEL surprises us with a new introduced modern version of classic creme lip colour as an original to our life and lips of ‘Coco’ Chanel. I knew that I had to buy one of these, all the reviews about it were excellent! When you first apply this to your lips, it feels really smooth and nice. If your lips are dry and crack, these lipsticks will soften it immediately. This is what makes it so unique. Most lipsticks don’t cover your dry cracked lips, but this #10 Camelia does. More »

It was quite shocking to see famous American celebrity Kim Kardashian get bangs recently. After pulling off almost every fierce look, from brunette to blonde, it was very odd seeing her in with a new hairdo. She’s definitely a killer at all different hairstyles and I think, this is perfect for her. With the edgy haircut almost bordering her eyebrows, it gives her a more youthful look. More »

Blame my bad luck, but I have sensitive skin that can’t handle any thick, fragrance-y moisturizer. Up until this year, I’ve been using baby lotion to moisturize my face, but even that was a bit too much for me. Last December, I finally dragged my lazy butt out to Clinique, where the saleswoman introduced me to this amazing gift from heaven. More »

Soon, in restrooms all over the US, you’ll be able to find a straightener available where ever you may be. The debut of The Beautiful Vending Hair Styler is about to invade the US. More »

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