Alright ladies, looking for a cute and fun nail look that is easy to do? look no further as I will show you step by step in achieving this really fun polka dotted french nail design.

Here are the basic items you need, feel free to use whichever products and colors you would like. In total you need: a basecoat, neutral tone, a color for the tips, white polish, and a glitter nail art polish(optional)… oh! and you also need a bobbypin!

Here are the colors I’ve chosen for each individual nail. This isn’t necessary, but makes it look just a little more fancy. Check out this blogpost for some swatches of each color.

Please excuse the quality of the video as it’s the first video tutorial i’ve ever done and haven’t quite gotten the settings right yet. but other than that, click play to find out how to do this design!

Got any suggestions for a future nail tutorial? Certain colors or themes you would like to see a tutorial on? Write it in the comments below!