My holy grail go-to mascara that was amazingness-in-a-bottle was Maybelline’s Lash Stylist (waterproof), but then all of a sudden I saw it disappear from every store I searched at and went online to see what was happening. Apparently Lash Stylist was being replaced by Lash Stiletto, but why? Why discontinue such a great product that so many ladies loved? Then I took a look at Lash Stiletto and saw that it didn’t have the Lash Stylist’s unique comb wand that did such a great job at making a clump-less application. Upon further research some time later, I discovered that it has returned reincarnated as a fierce feline addition to Maybelline’s Volume Express line, but for some reason it is only available in Malaysia.

Below is Lash Stylist vs. Cat Eyes.

I really hope they can bring the Cat Eyes Mascara stateside soon so us Lash Stylist lovers can try it out!