With the Makeup Brush Guide, I realized I left out one very important part. Clean. Your brushes. Regularly. Makeup brushes, especially liquid foundation brushes, end up trapping bacteria, oil, and all that yucky stuff in between those fine little hairs. Therefore, it’s crucial that you wash them at least once a week. We wouldn’t want to reapply that layer of gunk onto our faces, now would we?

There are a ton of brush cleaners out there, but I’ve often heard that Japonesque’s Brush Cleaner is the bomb. Having never tried it myself, I can’t exactly second those views, but whatever you end up doing, make sure you it cleanses, conditions, and disinfects your brushes. All three.

YouTuber Michelle Phan has an awesome tutorial on cleaning and storing your brushes. I highly recommend you check it out, as she makes a lot of valid, if not repetitive, points.

This girl definitely knows her stuff. Now where to get brush guards.