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A few weeks ago I blogged about Lush’s It Started with a Kiss and Double Choc Lip Tints. It just so happened that I was able to get my hands on the Double Choc. Since the day I got it, I have not stopped using it, and I don’t think I will until it’s empty. More »

How creepy would it be to see a famous dead person outside your house? Perfect for Halloween! dope2111 did an amazing job on this tutorial. Looks so real! I was shocked when I first saw it. More »

Amanda Seyfried has recently landed a new role as a Clé de Peau Beauté spokesperson. She will be the brand new face for the upscale skin and makeup brand with a fresh and sophisticated beauty approach. More »

Today’s Halloween Look features a Sexy Lady Bug thanks to Youtube guru, DulceCandy87. The bright red eyeshadow and lips are definitely eye catching. Perfect for those who want to be cute yet sexy at the same time! Read on if you’re interested: More »

To be honest, I am quite self-conscious of my looks. No matter what I do, I feel like it’s never going to be enough to express people, especially boys. Okay. Enough with my emo talk. This video is a nice way to laugh it off, but it’s also a good tutorial on how to trick people into thinking you are good looking. The girl (Youtuber JennaMarbles) is hilarious! Watch it first and then tell me. More »

A rose by any other name is…Lush’s Imogen Rose perfume. Just how Lust proved itself to be pure jasmine in a bottle, Imogen Rose is pretty much the hugest bouquet of roses you’ve ever received in bottle. According to Lush, Imogen Rose is composed of 100% pure rose oil with garden fresh notes of basil. If the basil part of the composition description alarms you, don’t worry — you can hardly smell the basil. In fact, after the first note wears off, the rose scent warms down to a scent that’s a cross between rose and baby powder. More »

I can’t believe Halloween is just around the corner! It’s going to be awesome on that night, and it would be great to see people dressed up as a Evil Jester but not in my suburb (please)! Definitely something extremely creepy. Give a round of applause to beautycrush for creating this amazing tutorial. More »

Looking for that finishing touch of sparkle as the holidays come up? Look no further than make-up artist Ramy’s OMG (Over Mascara Glitter) and Eyeliner. You can now apply your mascara and eyeliner the “revolutionary” way with a 2 in 1 mascara wand and eyeliner. Whether you are a big fan of make-up or just a beginner, this product promises to be easy to use. To give your eyes a touch of sparkle, this product uses 3-Dimensional Holographic Shimmer. More »

Ever since Karen raved about the unconventional looking eos Lip Balm Spheres and how they can double as a lip primer/base, I’ve had it on my list of beauty products to test out. Now having eos’ new Tangerine Anti-Bacterial Lip Balm Sphere in my possession, I can check eos Lip Balm Spheres off my beauty to-do list. More »

One of the perks of working as a boba (bubble tea) barista in a past life of mine was the olfactory high that jasmine tea gave me. Lust, one of Lush’s latest in Gorilla Perfumes replicates that jasmine scent, and makes it sexy. What’s even sexier is that the perfume comes in solid stick form. It looks like a thicker version of red cherry lip balm that may look tempting to try on your lips but don’t — it’s not meant for there. Instead, your perfume-appropriate pulse points will do. More »

To make your eyelashes stand out a little more, you use an eyelash curler. Though, it only takes a few seconds to curl your eyelashes with a traditional eyelash curler, why not try something new? Novalash Japonesque Heated Eyelash Curler, that costs $16.89, could be that beauty tool that would make you forget about the eyelash curler you currently own. More »

Looks like I haven’t mentioned any zombie tutorials in the Halloween Look series. Well, fortunately, Petrilude u ploaded an incredible yet scary zombie video! And I love it. It’s frightening for those who take a quick look, but try investigating his face and you can tell all the effort that has been put into it. More »

From Wirebot:

GameHouse’s popular PC time management game, Sally’s Spa has been recently ported to the iPad as Sally’s Spa Luxury Edition. Having played the PC version, I was expecting there not to be a world of difference before me. Foolish was I to make this assumption. The difference is more than just touch instead of using a mouse. The game also packs a lot more features as a Luxury Edition than the original PC version. More »

Holiday season is coming up, and what better way to spend your money than to buy makeups? NARS recently came up with a new collection called the “NARS Bento Box Set” that is simple yet elegant-looking. More »

Today’s Halloween Look courtesy of 1206mhkim is a Zebra tutorial with help of manwomanfilm. White and black stripes with a touch of diamonds above the eye shadows makes a perfect zebra. Interested? Read on! More »

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