Remember the 10 Breast Cancer Awareness Month Products that I have posted before? Well, in addition to those, I have more to share with you! Check out what I have below!

emerginC’s Red Carpet Primer is full of Vitamin C and other moisturizers. The ingredients help reduce the fine lines and wrinkles, and obviously act as the perfect makeup primer! Buy this for $42, and 20% of sales will be donated to Living Beyond Breast Cancer (non-profit organization for women and families that are affected by breast cancer). Get this at or

Therapy Systems has created a new line of pink makeup brushes that are perfect for on the go. 20% of proceeds will go to the Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition. Their makeup brushes consist of Pro Liner ($22), Pro Detailer ($18), Pro Blush ($38), and Pro Brow Gloomer ($10). Get all of them online at or

The same company, Therapy Systems, will donate 20% of sales of Amazingly Gentle Scrubs to the Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition. Filled with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, peppermint, grapefruit oils, ginseng and green tea extracts, and jojoba beads, this gently exfoliates and moisturizes not only your face, but also your hands, feet, elbow, knees, and other rough areas! Get this for $38 at or

There are more than just these pink products online, of course. It’s just that I thought everyone would like what I shared. Hope you guys enjoyed these! Remember, help promote breast cancer awareness!