For Lush, ’tis the season to get green and for a good cause. New holiday bath and body products at Lush boast reusable packaging, charitable donations and products that are environment-friendly.

Imogen Rose Solid Perfume ($15.95)
I’ve previously raved about the Imogen Rose Perfume, but I just found out that the Rose Oil in this perfume comes from Turkey where Lush has helped the community open a school, which is free for children under the age of seven. Smelling good for charity? Sign me up.

Matryoshka Gift ($19.95)
The iconic doll-within-a-doll idea is epitomized in this adorable packaging-free gift.They are all wrapped together in a mini Knot Wrap scarf, which makes for a great handkerchief.

Knot Wrap ($6.95)
Speaking of the Knot Wrap…this year, traditional gift wrapping service at Lush is replaced with the new Knot-Wrap. Inspired by the Japanese Furoshiki wrapping technique, (hello, bento!), the wrap is perfect for use as a scarf, hair wrap, or to carry wine and other foods.

Bathtime Favorites ($44.95)
This gift includes nine of Lush’s best bath bombs to suit every mood, packaged inside a festive tin. When the bath time fun runs out, this creative tin can be re-used to store anything from cookies to jewelry!

Charity Pot ($20.95)
Every penny that you pay for a pot (excluding the tax) goes to grassroots charities all around the world! Made with skin-softening Fair Trade cocoa butter and almond oil to keep skin moisturized.

My Fair Lady ($59.95)
My Fair Lady is another gift set option from Lush including Lush’s most luxurious products such as Turkish Delight body polish and almond marzipan scented Smitten hand cream. $8.50 of this gift is donated towards the Charity Pot Fund!

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