Miracle Skin Transformer (MST) describes itself as a, “multi-functional breakthrough formulation to hydrate, enhance skin tone and protect in one long-lasting, one-step application leaving skin smooth, luminous and air brushed in seconds.” In plain English, I would describe the Miracle Skin Transformer as a lighter, fluffy-er, more shades-diverse version of BB Cream. If you’re new the concept of BB Cream it’s basically tinted moisturizer on steroids, said to have been first developed in Germany by Dr. Christine Schrammek only to become immensely popular in Asia thanks to Korean celebrities.

MST includes all the elements of your average BB Cream; it hydrates, enhances and protects. Being someone with oily skin I had high expectations for MST and all the promises delivered with regards to hydration. A lot of people tend to think that moisturizer is bad for oily skin, but it’s actually helpful for controlling oil. On this note, MST was exceptional at controlling oil and keeping my skin hydrated.

As far as enhancing goes, MST does leave the skin feeling soft after an application. However, one application (a pearl-sized amount on your finger) for me didn’t bear remarkable results for minimizing the appearance of uneven skin tones and acne scars that I have. It took me a good 3 applications to really reap the benefits of its flaw-diminishing properties. If your skin bears uneven tones and scars, I wouldn’t trust just one application to do the trick. One great benefit of MST coverage is that like BB Cream, MST coverage is buildable so you can control how much coverage you want without feeling like you’re caking on make-up. Coverage lasts all day-long.

When it comes to protection, MST provides an SPF 20 — in BB Cream it’s not uncommon to provide SPF 20 or higher protection. What makes MST unique from BB Cream is that it contains Ecophysalis plant extract to protect your skin from the stresses and harms of the environment. BB Creams do claim to do the same, but it’s not often in BB Creams that a single plant extract takes all the credit for protecting your skin from harsh environments. Ecophysalis is also supposed to help prevent rosacea and repair broken capillaries, provide photo-aging protection, decrease pigmentation from sun damage and help even out skin tone. Take note, there doesn’t seem to be any scientific resources backing up the Ecophysalis claims on the MST site, so take it for what you will.

What also makes MST unique from BB Cream is that it contains vitamins E, A and K. As great as that sounds, vitamins in cosmetics don’t hold a lot of a lot of appeal for me. By no means am I medical professional, but to me it only makes sense that vitamins are most effective when you ingest them. Not when you put them on your face.

The other most notable differences between MST and BB Cream is that MST is incredibly fluffy and lightweight. BB Cream is also lightweight, but MST has a mousse-like feel to it. I love this a lot about MST as I’m not a fan of anything heavy on my face. Despite being a light, fluffy, moisturizer on steroids, it’s important that you still treat it like make-up. You still need to remove it before bedtime. Also as of January 2011 Miracle Skin Transformer will expand their shades to a whopping 7: colorless (ideal for men), light, medium, medium tan (my shade), tan, dark and deep dark. This type of shade variety is hard to come by with BB Creams as they usually are only available in light and medium.

And lastly — the biggest difference between MST and BB Cream is price. MST retails on the official site for $48 while BB Cream price points can be as low as $20 USD. In some cases, cheaper if you’re fortunate enough to live in an area densely populated with Asians. (Tip: Korean super markets usually have a beauty kiosk with a salesperson more than willing to shower you with BB Cream samples!)

Although both MST and BB Cream are very similar, this isn’t to say MST is a bad product not worth trying. It’s a great product that does indeed hydrate, enhance and protect. It’s also great in that there are a variety of shades to choose from. It’s just not the first of it’s kind, given the existence of BB Cream. As with all tinted moisturizers and BB Creams, there is no one-product suits all. If you’re in the market for a good BB Cream and/or you have a darker skin tone that no BB Cream can suit, I would suggest trying MST out if you can afford it.

For more information or to purchase, head here.

(Disclaimer: A sample of Miracle Skin Transformer was provided to me courtesy of Miracle Skin Transformer. This review does not reflect the opinions of Miracle Skin Transformer but my own.)

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thanks for the review
i really need one of those. my skin is dry and could use some moisturizer

This cream sounds promising.
Thanks for the review smile

thanks for the review.
love the comparisons~

thanks for the review!! i’m loving the vitamin-including part of MST smile

sounds really awesome,.
i better tell my sis about this,.
thank you for the review Jinra!!

I agree with what you said about the vitamins. Well I guess I can afford it but I wouldn’t want to splurge like that… Thanks for the review !



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