People are busy trying to follow their new year’s resolutions, and one of mine is to take better care of my skin because my skin went wild because of stress (I blame school!). Therefore, I want to make sure I follow these four steps I am about to share with you guys. Read below to find out!

1. Cleansing - It’s good to cleanse your face once or twice a day, and be sure to find a cleanser that works for you.
2. Exfoliation - Remove dead skin cells by using a good exfoliator whether it’s a scrub, mask, or peel. Doing it once a week will do the trick.
3. Moisturizing - You have to make sure your skin gets the moisture it needs. Getting the right moisturizer will keep your skin from looking dry, but don’t use too much because too much of it can make your face look oily.
4. Protecting - Protect your skin from sun damage by wearing a sunscreen of at least an SPF of 15.

I’m guilty for not following the last two steps because I didn’t want to spend my money on a moisturizer and a sunscreen since they can be quite pricey. Maybe that’s why my skin has been breaking out in addition to stress!


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lol i dont do number 3 that much.. LOL i should start.. XD thanks for all the tips

i always skip number 2~~ ^^’

thanks for the tips!

thanks for the tips! i’ll try to do them every night...hopefully.

thanks for these steps (:
i do all these like every 2 weeks. maybe that’s why my skin is awful

im so bad at taking care of my skin xD
thanks for reminding me raspberry
thanks for sharing!

I use the cleansing and exfoliation, but I don’t do the last two steps either XD

thanks !,. we need this,. hehehehe

i do 1,2 and 3. but i never remember the sun screen.. like ever.. lol
these are really good tips though~

I recently got a cleanser with exfoliating beads in it. Wow, it feels so great after giving my face a scrub! wink

Thanks for the tips!

thanks for the tips!

thanks so much for the tips Jane smile ,
i really needed to know that now ,.
my skin isn’t so good recently ., very useful tips ^_^

thanks for tips, I totally need this!

4 really useful tips! thanks Jane!

I don’t think you’re skin will breakout because you’re not wearing sunscreen or moisturizer. Anyways, the tips are definitely useful ^^ Thanks Jane!

thanks for the tips.

hehe love the steps!! i wear sunscreen lotion everyday :D

really helpful steps :] thanks!



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