Different products need various ways to achieve the best results and for the perfect coverage. Are some products not working for you but is working for someone else? Well then you may be applying it wrong! If you are planning to give the product another shot, check out these methods of application.

1. Apply a pea size amount with your fingers
Squeeze a pea size amount into the center of your palm, and then using the fingertips of the opposing hand to apply onto your face. Applying the product onto your cheek area before your chin area. Move onto your forehead and move down to my nose. Best when applying face cream or sunscreen.

2. Warm the cream using the center of your palm
This method is good for really thick cream,eg; Creme de Lar Mer. Because the cream is so thick, you should use a pea size amount or even lesser, place it into the center of your palm then rub, or pat both your palms together to “warm up the cream”. Certain creams may liquify but others may just turn a little less creamy, which allows easy application.

3. Apply 5 dots on your face and blend
In the past, many beauty consultants seem to encourage this approach of skin care application and it’s even stated on the instructions of some products. The 5 dots denote applying a small blob of cream on your two cheek area, your nose, your forehead and your chin. It is still a common skin care application technique and is used to apply a face mask.

4. Pat the cream or lotion into your face
This is a common way to apply facial toner if you don’t use a cotton pad. Pour the toner into the center of your palm and then using your fingers to lightly pat or tap into your face.

5. Press the lotion or oil into your face
If you’ve use some of the Japanese lotions, then you should be quite familiar with this technique. Pour the lotion into the center of your palm and then using the other palm, press both hands together and then continue to press the lotion into all areas of your face.

6. Massage the cream, lotion or oil into your face
This is actually an extension of any of the above methods, followed by a more intensive massage on your face. After you have pressed the oil onto my entire face then proceed to massage the oil on your cheek area, using one or two hands in an upward, outward sweeping fashion starting from your jawline to the area near your ear.


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:D thanks for the tips<3

thanks for the tips!! very useful!

thanks for the tips, i actually do number 5 because my lotion is so watery xD i’ll keep the rest in mind when i’m doing other things

thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing these tips!

ooh,.. very nice,.
thank you for these,~. really helps!!

i usually do #4, but i don’t like to use a lot of it.

Isn’t the hand cream from bath and body works? It seems familiar.

Thanks for tips. So many ‘techniques’ just for applying skin products. I usually just put them on in a blog and rub it in raspberry

wow i’ll try this. thanks for the tips (:
i just put it on and say whatever… sad

thanks for the tip :D

thanks for the tips Mylinh! smile ..
it’s really useful

thanks for the tips! smile

thank you for the tips smile

thanks for the tips.

thanks for the tips!! i do mostly all of the steps!! heheh i’m a good child xD

ah thank you so much for the tips! smile

nice! thanks for the tips!



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