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Pantene is my go-to hair product company, and they recently launched a new product called the Pantene Pro-V Colour Protect Colour Seal Concentrate, which helps keep your dyed hair from fading quickly. It also makes your hair look super smooth thanks to their new patented technology. This is something I need because I dye my hair constantly to brown, and my hair is beyond being fried! More »

For Spring 2011, Philosophy has three shades of lip shines. Their names are quite cute too. Well, Philosophy is known to have super cute names, so I’ll let you guys take a look at them. More »

Red lipstick is one of the beauty items that are definitely ‘in’ right now! The Marilyn Monroe inspired look can look gorgeous but can also turn out to be lip faux pas disaster! Never fear, here are 4 lipstick laws that you should know to prevent yourself from becoming from a ‘Hot Yay’ into a ‘Hot Nay’. More »

The makeup guru, MissJessicaHarlow has once again uploaded a video wherein she shows everybody on how to get a enhanced defined cheek bones. Check out the video tutorial she showed for us. More »

From Crazysinglelife: The results for last week’s No Strings Attached Box Office pin game are in! With every Box Office Pin Game, we ask you to guess how much a movie makes in it’s opening weekend, before opening weekend. No Strings Attached took the number 1 spot in the US box office in it’s opening weekend with $19,652,921 million. Let’s see who guessed correctly: More »

While watching videos on Youtube, I happen to stumble on this beautiful nail art tutorial. Cherry Blossoms in my opinion are the most beautiful flower hence making it the symbol of Japan. If you love Japanese themed items, than surely you would adore this tutorial. More »

Usually nail art tutorials are specifically designed for people with longer nails. Hence, it is usually difficult for people to replicate exquisite designs if they have remarkably shorter nails. But nothing is impossible right? Especially with this Rainbow Design. More »

Armour Beauty recently added a trio of opaque lip glosses paying homage to Spring 2011’s neon lips trend. I slightly balked at the idea of trying out the bright lips trend, but remembered my New Year’s Resolution for being more adventurous this year in all my beauty exploits. Why not start with Armour Beauty’s opaque lip glosses in “Candy,” “Ann-Margaret” and “Hello?” More »

You know the feeling when you lip line your lips? That’s right, the feeling of a soft matte base. Now, with the NYX’s latest product of the Soft Matte Lip Cream, you can achieve a perfect matte lip. The Lip Cream delivers a shine-free lip in one easy swipe as the liquid formula is in a lightweight texture, just like a gloss. The twist is, this product has a feature of a gloss but it is also creamy enough to be called a lipstick. More »

From Crazysinglelife: Results for No Strings Attached pin game are in! The movie closed in at 52% with a general consensus stating, “It benefits from the presence of Natalie Portman and director Ivan Reitman’s steady hand, but No Strings Attached doesn’t have the courage or conviction to follow through on its ribald premise.” Seems like a handful of you were committed to No Strings Attached being a so-so movie. Let’s give it up for the winners: More »

- Check out all the pretty hair and makeup how-tos from the Golden Globe Awards

- Get a doll-eyed effect by accentuating your lower lashes

- Did Barack Obama dye his hair gray?

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- Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity gloss and Tarina Tarantino Floriculture make-up palette More »

Yeah, it’s really bad for your skin. Make-up, combined with perspiration, actually creates these little red bumps called sweat acne. But unfortunately, most people forget to take off their makeup before partaking in any sweat-inducing activity. Or at least, I do. More »

Make up guru, Michelle Phan has collaborated with fashion designer, Chriselle on her Youtube channel to bring you a tutorial of how to add age to your bling. More »

If you know how to exploit your hair and do it well you can achieve endless of possibilities. Not only can you give off the impression of being ‘Sophisticated, Classy, Edgy or Fabulous‘ you can give yourself a slimmer face and emphasize your key points. More »

I’m not surprised to hear about Estée Lauder coming up with their own Spring 2011 Collection. The theme of this is “Wild Violet,” I’m guessing the colors have to do with the theme like purple and pretty violet! They created two new shades for limited edition called Untamed Violet and Sugar Cube. And of course we can’t forget about their lippies! Four new shades have been shown, and they are also available for a limited time. The shades are the following: Wild Violet, Wild Coral, Wild Blossom, and Wild Fire. More »



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