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I recently got this Milani Liquif’eye Metalic Eyeliner Pencil and it was love at first swipe! I’m a sucker for anything that is glittery or metallic looking and this definitely doesn’t disappoint. More »

Beyoncé’s debut fragrance, Heat, had advertisements that stirred up a slight outbreak of crys due to controvery so their provocativeness, but that isn’t stopping her from getting a second scent full of fruity notes, floral whispers along with hints of honey amber and musk, out there. More »

Learn to incorporate voluminous curls with the help of Krista, a professional hair stylist who owns her very own salon Santa Monica. This look is the perfect getaway if you are planning to execute a natural yet sexy hairstyle this coming Spring. So check it out! More »

Makeup brand, Clinique has a vast range of mascara’s and within that, each individual mascara possesses its own purpose. May it be for lengthening, widening or even moisturizing you must fully understand the concept of each brush and use it to your advantage. More »

In addition to the usual slew of Proactiv celebrity endorsements, Proactiv has recently turned to bullying as a market tactic. Take this ad for example. It might as well say, “Hey, you’re ugly without us.” Admittedly, it is attention grabbing, but I don’t think it really does much to influence consumers to purchase Proactiv product. It influences consumers to curl up in fetal position in bed and…cry. More »

The sister of Youtube user iwanted2c1video has been dubbed a prettier version of Cheryl Cole! In fact, the Cheryl Cole lookalike now features in a make-up tutorial from the user showing others how to create Cheryl Cole’s smokey eye look - perfectly fitting seeing as the person who is having the tutorial done on them nearly looks like the real thing! More »

Have you ever thought of styling your overgrown bangs? Youtube user, cl2425 recently uploaded a hair tutorial video for us girls to help us style our messy overgrown bangs that will make us look sassy! She’ll teach us on how to do fringe bangs just like what we’ve seen in Kpop artists nowadays. So, what are you waiting for? Check it out below: More »

I’m definitely a sucker when it comes to NARS, especially their newly released Velvet Gloss Lip Pencils. Not only does it give you a velvet matte finish, it has this unique formula that can make your lips appear ‘glossy’. More »

About to go out for party but oblivious to what make up do to do? Well, this tutorial is perfect for all you guys who love being ahead of fashion. Purple is one of the colors that are becoming a ‘hot’ fashion item this upcoming season. Purple not only looks good on practically every eye color but it also creates a gorgeous ‘disco’ impression which is definitely the ’sizzle’ this coming Spring. More »

Kim Kardashian is the sex icon of this century with many girls wanting to replicate her fashion sense and beauty. With this in mind a youtuber, ‘Foxylocksextention‘ has created a tutorial purely based on Kim’s envious bouncy curls. More »

Simple hairstyles such as braids may not be so bold but they’re still beautiful. In this video, gorgeous Youtube makeup guru Jen, known as frmheadtotoe, shows you how to create a backwards braid on your fringe that is directed away from your face. To recreate this look, you’ll only need mini hair ties, a couple bobby pins and of course, your own hair. I also advise that you know how to braid your hair prior to attempting this look. More »

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