NYX has a pretty fun lip gloss product that takes on the concept of mood rings. It applies as a clear gloss on your lips and will react to the unique skin chemistry that you have to transform itself into “the most perfect shade of reddish-pink”. It is magic makeup for sure.

I love this idea, since it would be pretty cool to see the range of colors it could get to, by just changing the person wearing it.

At only $4.50 for a tube, would you be tempted to try it out?


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wow,. that is so cute and cool,. lol,. i want it!!!!!

it look soo pretty!! thanks for sharing

Wow, that really does look like an awesome color! Thanks for sharing!

:D HOW COOL it changes colors,and its only 4.45 i want it LOL
thanks for sharing

LOL wow.. i would wanna try this out for fun to see what color i’d get!
thanks for sharing!

change color according to mood?? that is soo interesting!!

awesomeee! i’d love to try this!! :D i am very tempted o get one, but i don’t really use lip gloss a lot… :/ maybe i’ll get it as a gift for a friend :D

that’s so weird x)but yet it’s still cool at the same time. i want to try it xD

Interesting concept! That sounds pretty cool. Thanks for sharing!

Hmmm...I never heard of this brand! But it looks pretty cool! Thank you so much for sharing.

never heard about it… good? thx for sharing!

heard about this brand but dunno whether its good. Anyone tried it before?

ya...want to try it out...dunno whether it’s available here

:O i want to try!! the whole nail polish changing color was cool, but this is AWESOME. thanks for sharing! i shall be looking for this huhuhu >:3

this would be so cool! plus its really cheap! i wonder how this will work xD
thanks for sharing!

what? that’s so so cool and cheap! I’ve a sucker for mood rings and no doubt I am for this! =D I will definitely buy this smile

that’s pretty cool~
i may try this out :D



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