These following four women are all 45 years of age. However, they are still feeling young whilst keeping the wrinkles away. One of them creates her own beauty products, with another relying on laser treatment. A third avoids the sun, whilst the last one depends on keeping your worries away to give you a young look.

Expensive face creams are used in some cases, with budget products carrying others along. So let’s find out how Karen, Frankie, Sarah and Cathy keep themselves looking youthful to a good level…

Frankie Park
MODEL Frankie lives in Richmond, Surrey, with her partner and children, Marlon, 20, and Harvey, 11. She says:
“I start my day with a brisk walk with my border collie then come home for a healthy breakfast.
Every morning I have blueberries on my cereal – they are a great antioxidant. I also take cod liver oil, vitamin supplements and vegetable juices.
I have never yo-yo dieted and have always maintained my weight, even after the birth of my children.
I often model on TV shopping channel QVC and discovered a great skincare brand, Alpha H. I also love to cycle and walk and I always wear hats to protect my skin from the sun.
I’ve never dabbled with fillers or Botox. I’d never say never but generally feel very happy with the way I look.
I think the old-school supermodels look incredible – Helena Christensen is 42 and looks at least ten years younger.
But airbrushing models really angers me. Young girls end up trying to achieve flawless skin, lithe bodies and big boobs. It’s false imagery and unachievable.
I swear by a healthy diet – and always forgive, because I think anger and worry shows in your face.”

To find out how the rest of the women stay healthy, head here.


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never go for botox ><
hehe...i know where to go when i’m 45 yrs old hahahhaaa
thanks for sharing :D!

mmmh,… I see,… *bookmark* LOL,..
thanks for sharing :D

breakfast is important but i dont have time to eat breakfast!!! thanks for sharing

agreee. breakfast is important..
thanks for sharing smile

she does look so young :o how do people have so much time to take care of their skin lol
thanks for sharing

Whoa, she doesn’t look old at all. D=

Thanks for sharing!!!
need to take this down for my mum :D

thanks for sharing!
ill remember this smile

I’ll keep this in mind. :D

whoaa so healthy :O it’s better to start young too right? maybe i should starting doing this! XD

i’ll keep these tips in mind until i’m older ^^

yumm i love blueberries so that won’t be a problem for me when i grow older xD but cod liver oil? O_O hahha i’ll keep these tips in mind when i hit my 40s xD

I always wondered how these moms did it!

oh wow, nice and easy tips! i’ll keep that in mind and let others know!
thanks for sharing!

these are some really useful tips to apply for the future!
thanks for sharing!

hmm… hahaha! currently inapplicable but will keep the tips for future use xDDD hahaha! very very far future use ;P

great tips! i’ll keep this in mind for the future :D thanks for sharing smile

THese tips are totally interesting and cool! Thank you so much for sharing for them with us!

nice tips! stay young^^ thx for sharing!

woah, maybe i’ll keep these in mind as i get older ;D
Thanks for sharing~

they are so amazing ~
I’ll keep these tips in mind xD
thanks for sharing :D

Thanks for sharing.  This will be helpful for my looks later on in life lmao raspberry

ooh, gotta eat more blueberries! (i dunno if i can handle the cod liver oil and the rest XD)
im kinda being out in the sun= not a good idea. sunscreen time! ^^ thanks for sharing~

the women look really good for their ages.
yeah some people eat cereal with blueberries which I find odd but if it keeps you looking young then why not try? xD
ahh I need to wear hats or put on sunscreen when I’m in the sun!

Great read. They look amazing for their age. Thanks for sharing!

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