As we all should know, mother’s day is just around the corner! If you haven’t already picked a gift for your mother, perhaps you can follow these few tips from Perfumania’s fragrance consultant Jennifer Mullarkey on finding her the perfect perfume.

1. What smells does she like? Find out what kinds of smells your mother prefers, for example fruity or flowery. You should definitely get her a fragrance that she likes because you want her to be able to enjoy the gift and use it often.

2. What does she already have? Make sure you don’t get her a fragrance similar to what she already has because chances are, she won’t be using your gift much. You should add to her collection with something different.

3. How much can you spend? Of course, you need to have enough money to pay for the gift, so just make sure that whatever you plan to get her is within your budget.

Read about the final tip here.