Getting your hair cut can be stressful. After all, sometimes, you just want your hair to be gone. Other times, you want your hair to be trimmed a little. And often times, you’ll probably feel a little daredevil and ask for an outrageous haircut. Whatever reason it is, I’m sure you’ve all experienced it before.

From Payment Gateway on Tumblr comes this hilarious diagram on your thought process before, during, and after the haircut. I always feel like I’m left in a state of sorrow/misery when my hair gets cut shorter than I had planned it to be. Speaking of which, I’m in due for a haircut. Hmm. I wonder how short I should cut it.


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hmm it’s not stressful for me :o

I don’t think getting a hair cut is not stressful for me. I always want to thin my hair out. Thanks for sharing.

haha~~ so true~ after a haircut, i wish my hair is shorter~ but i won’t cut it more~

So accurate. EVERY time. I’m still on the search for the perfect haircut. I wish I could just cut my own hair because I can’t trust anyone anymore. ><

I’m suffering from this crisis just about now because summer’s approaching and my hair is long so I need to chop off those long locks and go for a different hairstyle. I don’t want to keep my hair like this but if I do cut it, I’m scared the cut won’t look good on me and that won’t look good for prom :(

I agree~. I need to get a haircut >_<;

yes completely agree, before getting haircuts, i cant make up my mind on how short or long to cut and even about the style >.<

lololol yesyes very stressful xD
what if they make the wrong cuts, what if the style isn’t right lolol
thanks for sharing ~

I agree, lots of people stress over their hair raspberry

AAHHAH!! This is totally true though!
PEople..mostly girls..always debut whether or not they should cut their hair.
Or if it should be long or short!
I do need a haircut too right now! 



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