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This week, a group of women broke into a Houston beauty shop and stole $150,000 worth of hair extensions. And it’s not just Houston, many other places have had hair weave burglary. Some of them even left the cash register full but stole all the hair! More »

For some of you it is coming down to the final days of the school year, it may seem like it has taken forever to get to this moment, but once reaching it, doesn’t it feel like it’s really gone by in a blink of an eye? For those graduating, or just trying to make it through another year, it is time to celebrate. Why? Because of summer vacation, baby! More »

The fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie features many beautiful mermaids that attract many of the male characters. Want to know what makeup they used so you could get their look? More »

Beauty guru julieg713 has once again uploaded a tutorial video for all of us, girls. This time she’s here to teach us on how to get that purple smokey eyes that we’ve always wanted to pull off. More »

Jennifer Lawrence has ditched her golden locks and is now sporting brunette hair! Due to her role in the upcoming and highly anticipated sci-fi film, “The Hunger Games,” the 20 year-old actress is now a brunette to suit her role as the protagonist of the movie Katniss Everdeen. More »

Looking for a juicy look for your nails? perhaps you might want to try out this cute citrus slice look by MissChievous adding lemon, lime, and orange slices, as french tips but be careful and don’t bite the end of your nails because they’re not real fruit! More »

Looking for something beyond your usual makeup routine, something bold but wearable? ‘frmheadtotoe‘ returns to the focal point, outlining some simple steps on how to achieve an exquisite, natural yet bold makeup scheme to celebrate this coming season. More »

Brushes are crucial to makeup, but if you don’t clean them on a regular basis, the bacteria on the brushes can be very harmful to your skin. Youtube make-up guru, DulceCandy87, is here to show us her way to cleaning her brushes. More »

Of course the name Lady Gaga is synonymous with crazy and out of the ordinary looks, and recently on the Graham Norton Show she donned a look with triangles and golden crystals under her eyes going down her cheeks looking like golden tears. More »

Do you feel the need to revamp your style this upcoming season? Having the lust to achieve lighter brows minus the investment into some horrific bleaching chemicals? Well you can simply achieve that goal by just manipulating some brow pencils! More »

We care greatly about our hair and skin and do anything we can to keep them well-nourished, but our lips deserve the same treatment as our hair and skin. So what can you do about it? You should get COVERGIRL’s LiPerfection Lipcolor! More »

Getting ready for summer? Here’s a fruity summer nail design you can learn how to get on your nails! More »

Giorgio Armani has released new Eyes to Kill intense eyeshadows in metallic colors, and they are gorgeous indeed. Its formula is a combo of cream and powder shadow that, along with lightweight pigments and transparent powders, lets these colors stay on longer and resistant to water, sweat, and creases. More »

Maybelline has produced its newest lipcolor, the SuperStay 24 Lipcolor. And it seems like it’ll be a huge hit! More »

Justin Bieber will be launching a new fragrance named “Someday” that was created with his fans in mind. What does he have to say about it? More »



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