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Today’s Daily Lip Gloss is the Arezia Lip Shiner~ Lemon! There’s actually quite a few more flavors, such as Watermelon, but I can’t find it, sad day. Well, this Lemon one smells like candy and I could sniff it all day if I wanted. More »

Personally, I have always wanted to know how to create pigtails. People make it seem so easy and sometimes they just assume everyone knows how to do them. I am one of those girls that pretends to know how but secretly has my mother do it for me so this tutorial was a big help. Check out Youtube user bebexo’s tutorial on how to get some very cute french braid pigtails. More »

Today’s Trend Report hits on a trend that’s been happening since Spring, though now that it’s Summer, the trend has taken a more bright look. Colored tips add a dash of color to just the ends of your hair for a funky look that is low-maintenance and just pretty fun for a change from just a one-color look. More »

Here are today’s Sale Alerts!

-Have you taken a look at Bath and Body Works where they have items up to 75% off original prices? Plenty of lotions, soaps, etc. to choose from! More »

Today’s Daily Nail Art features a cool neon laser effect by Nail Stories which uses only 2 contrasting nail colors and some tape. Once your base color is fully dry apply 3 thin strips of tape in random angles to make each nail unique, then use your second chosen color and apply it on top as you would normally. Once the polish is about halfway dry, then carefully peel away the strips of tape and let it fully dry. VOILA! Laser nails! I’ll definitely have to try this out with some lime green and purple sometime. More »

Today’s Daily Do features a beach waves hairstyle, but for on-the-go purposes for all you girls out there that are busy or just a bit lazy. Due to the fact that my hair has been forever straight without the need of a straightener, (I don’t even own a flat iron!) I’ve always liked hairstyles that featured waves and curls more. Also, because of the fact that I really like the beach, and sadly can’t visit it that often since I don’t live in a particularly coastal city, I’ve always admired the beach waves look because of how natural the waves seem to look. More »

Today’s Beauty Tip of the Day is one I use pretty much every time I paint my nails. If you’re short on time (or prone to getting hungry…) right after you finish painting your nails and need them to dry quickly… More »

Summer is finally here! The weather is hot, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put on makeup! All you need is a few tricks and tips to fix your summer beauty problems! More »

Today’s Celeb Look of the Day is Katy Perry’s Ginger Locks. A lot of people can’t pull off red hair that well, but I believe that Katy Perry can indeed look pretty gorgeous in red! Although her new hair is a gigantic difference than her previous black colour, this is still a gorgeous colour on her (even if it’s temporary.) More »

The Daily Lip Gloss is a new feature on FlauntMe where yours truly will share a favorite (or desired) lip gloss! Today, let’s take a look at the Clinique 333 La La- Lilac from the Glosswear For Lips Sheer Shimmers collection. More »

Want to learn how to do nail art? Well first, you’re going to need to get prepared for what you’ll need to complete beautiful creations on your nails. Presenting to you: nail art essentials. More »

Today’s DIY Beauty features a simple remedy and budget friendly make up remover, that will not only help you rejuvenate your skin but also prevent it from being exposed to harmful chemicals. It works equivalently as well to any other high end makeup remover and employs items that should be in every girl’s household! More »

Making a deal with Coty Inc., Bottega Veneta, an Italian fashion industry known for its leather goods, will be launching its first women’s fragrance. Thomas Maier, Bottega’s creative director, described this fragrance he helped majorly design as a “leathery, floral chypre”. Inhaling it reminds him of “an old house in the beautiful countryside in the Veneto region of Italy with rolling green hills.” More »

Here are today’s Sale Alerts!

-Feeling a need to relax and pamper yourself? Treat yourself to some of these beauty supplies from SpaLook, where you can save 20% off your first purchase with code 20FIRST! This is good now through July 30th. Your skin will thank you for that! More »

Not everyone is born with the talent of being nail art professionals and I for one, is foremost one of them. Likewise, I like to find other alternatives that will too allow me the achieve that professional look without the hassle of spending hours to perfect each stroke. Here today from sccastaneda, she demonstrates an easier way to achieve that high class look inspired by ‘Houndstooth’. More »



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