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Typically, when a clothing line does well, it seems to expand its horizon by taking on different roles, such as releasing a perfume. Hard Candy, however, is going the opposite route: it will expand into a clothing line. Hard Candy was a popular makeup brand back in the 90s that Walmart brought back to life in 2009. While this is an interesting move for sure, it remains to be seen whether this will be a good move. More »

Diamonds are rare and pretty and not only that, but they’re known to be a girl’s best friend. Add them to perfumes and you’ll really have a girl’s best friend! Big names are coming out with diamond-named fragrances: Armani will launch Black Carat Diamonds For Him and Her in September, Versace has Yellow Diamond, and Elizabeth Taylor comes back with White Diamonds. Which one interests you the most and which one will sell the best this fall? More »

Zinka is starting to make a comeback with its sunscreen, which was used much back in the 80’s and was popular amongst surfers. Bold and bright, it traveled beyond the shores of California and to the East Coast until the demand died down. Though it may no longer have its bright sunscreen, Zinka is still alive and kicking and now offers 10 classic colors with its Burning Man. Maybe we’ll see more of its neon-colored sunscreens around. More »

Last month, Prada announced that it would be launching a new fragrance by the name of Prada Candy. Now, model Léa Seydoux shows off her new moves (and panties) for the adorable commercial for the fragrance. For all the candy’s worth, “I don’t care” doesn’t seem quite to cut it. But throwing her piano teacher round the room? Quite amusing. More »

Today’s Daily Lip Gloss features the Bison Lip Cream- Apple! I love apple juice but not apples. I love apple flavored candy and apple scented things. Overall, I like most apple-like products except the real fruit itself. How sad. This lip cream sounds nice though! More »

Today’s design was made by my friend Jing, so it’s a completely new design which I will be sharing with you, it’s a easy-to-do design apart from the Chinese writing and the Union Jack. The colors look really good together too! I think the design looks better on medium length nails. More »

Last week, we showed to you Scarlett Johansson’s sexy, seductive pose for Dolce & Gabbana’s “Secret Eyes” mascara ad. Now she’s back, but with a 180 look for the brand’s “Creamy Foundation” ad. More »

With dye-ing hair comes some degree of hair damage, whether one would like to think about it or not. I have used Clairol’s Nice ‘N Easy Foam which turned out to work fabulously, but then there is a degree of drying out and dulling the hair, whether if only a little or a lot. The Clairol Natural Instincts Haircolor- Shine Happy Clear Shine Treatment 00 (pardon the long name) does not give you a different hair color, but the results are supposed to improve the shine and brightness of your hair after use! More »

Juicy Couture and Deborah Lippmann will be teaming up to send you a nail polish collection this holiday season, just in time to do battle with OPI’s Muppet collection. More »

Here is today’s Sale Alert! More »

Missoni’s 400-piece collection that will go sale on Target on September 13 has caught the attention and eyes of many consumers. And rightly so as there will be 400 (!) different items in the collection. The collection will range from fun, colorful accessories to beautiful make-up colors and bags that will contain the brand’s signature zigzag pattern. And for starters, its Missoni for Target bobby pins will cost you only $7 for a pack of 24. Interested? More »

Facialist Joanna Vargas may have her day booked with celebrity names and be located too far away (NYC), but she has released a new line of skincare products and facials that easily be done in the comforts of your home. More »

Hmm, who doesn’t enjoy a classic red pout? Napoleon Perdis decides to introduce to ladies everywhere this fall with its Double Agent Rouge Lip Palette, which has a buildable cream lipstick and mattifying powder, which caters to those who want a light red and those who want to have a bold red. With its two different shades, you can give your alter ego a shade while you wear the other! Get it for $22 at Napoleon Perdis. More »

Whenever I see those typical eyelash curlers you can find in beauty sections, I cringe. Why? Having something interacting that close with the eye kind of scares me. I have a compact one that I like to use occasionally because it’s small, but then I wondered how a heated eyelash curler would look. Look at the Ardell Heated Eyelash Curler in all it’s hugeness and glory. More »

Today’s Daily Lip Gloss features the Jabot Glamour Lip Gloss! I like how it is double-sided. There are two shades which can give you the choice of wearing 3 different colors, ooh. More »

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