After sitting in the place in my closet were neglected nail polish goes to die, I finally decided I would save my Anna Sui Nail Color A in 471 from neglect. Now, I kind of regret not using it earlier. It’s almost everything I want out of a nail polish.

On the surface, Anna Sui Nail color A in 471 looks like a dark pink/deep coral. When it’s on as shown below, it’s more of a bright candy apple red. The color payoff is so rich, you almost want to eat your own nails:

The formula glides on easily and is not too thick or thin. You can even put on one coat of this and call it a day. What helps even more is that the nail polish brush is wide and covers a lot of nail area. Two brush strokes = one coat of polish. If you’re in a hurry, this is the nail polish for you. As for longevity, the nail polish lasted a good 5 days before chipping with base and top coat — nothing out of the ordinary.

Another thing I love about Anna Sui Nail polish is that it comes in super cute bottles with a rose shaped cap top as you can see above.

Despite all the things I love about Anna Sui Nail Color A in 471, I had just one dislike — the scent. The nail polish is scented with a rose scent that is pretty strong. The scent fades as your day goes on, but the initial application was a little alarming.

For more information or to purchase, head here.

Disclaimer: Anna Sui Nail Color A in 471 was something I threw money at. The opinions in this review are 100% my own!