Today’s Daily Lip Gloss features the NYX Mood Lip Gloss! The first thing that came to my mind was “mood rings” after reading that. Does it change color when applied on the lips? Let’s see. provides us with this info about the lip gloss: “NYX Mood Lip Gloss invokes a little magic to create sexy, sweet lips. Gloss starts off clear and then, once applied, works with personal lip chemistry to transform into a perfectly individualized reddish-pink hue.” Ooh, so it’s personalized, how fun! That means it could appear a little different from person to person, depending on the lips. “Mood” was probably not exactly the smartest name for this formula, now that I’ve read the description, since it varies for different people but not just on one person. Each costs an inexpensive $4.49 here if you’re interested.

Here is a little more you could look at (examples included, so click to enlarge):