Today’s Daily Lip Gloss features the B&C Love Clover Popchu Gloss! The name sounds to sweet and playful, and the packaging sure looks fun too. Reminds me of a lollipop! says, “B&C Love Clover Popchu Gloss contains royal jelly essence and collagen that nourish the delicate texture of lips. With a “pop-candy” design, the lip gloss is a must-have make-up item for young girls.” Okay, even if it is good for younger girls, the older girls can still get good use out of it too, especially ones like me, ahem. Royal jelly and collagen are sure to moisten up the lips a lot. Untwist the stick part and the round end serves as the gloss container. The color available here for $13.10 (just a little more on the pricier side but not too bad) is a Vanilla Beige, a pretty low-tone and natural looking shade.