Prior to trying out the Marshmallow Body Butter from MOR’s Little Luxuries collection, I had never heard of this brand from Australia. The packaging was so cute and adorable too, so I was definitely interested.

Sorry, but I feel like putting an excerpt from the official MOR site’s story page will help those who haven’t heard of this brand before learn a little about it: “Each collection is inspired by the stories of ancient civilisations, by-gone eras, travel, art, cuisine and future technology allowing the creation of a unique story - from the finely blended formulation inside, to the hand finished detail on every product.

From its creative inception, the elegant mix of traditional and modern apothecary might begin with a uniquely blended scent, an ancient ingredient, the art of traditional paper crafting, or the pressed embossing on a tin box creating a keepsake for life - authentic and original and lovingly designed by MOR to take you on an beautiful sensory journey.”

Ah, so that explains the unique and ornate patterns on the box and container itself! It really is a pretty little package, topped with a ribbon with the logo on it. Specifically for the marshmallow body butter, “The light texture… is perfect for all skin types that desire a soft yet rich moisturiser, infused with a delicious scent.” Some ingredients include shea butter, avocado, olive, rose, hip, and Vitamins A, C & E.

When I twisted the circle-shaped 50g/1.7 oz container open, there was a protective piece of plastic over it, a rather strong piece to add to that. The body butter didn’t look mushy, but it was still soft and silky to the touch. It is a light peachy tint inside the container, but when on skin, turns like normal lotion with a white color. Of course, you blend it in after. On the bottom of the box, there’s directions on how to use the butter. “Smooth over body concentrating on extra dry areas such as hands, elbows, knees and feet. Store in a cool, dark place.” It also warns to discontinue use if irritation occurs, but my skin was fine.

Let’s talk about the fragrance. It is unlike anything I’ve encountered before, to be honest. “Marshmallow is collectively orchestrated with Vanilla Musk and Jasmine Flower that gloriously rapture in this pretty, feminine fragrance. Sugar dipped Rose petals with White Carnation and Cotton Candy play beautifully to create a deliciously sweet perfume.” Again, that ornate kind of smell to match the packaging. I found it a little strange at first, but then I quickly got used to the scent. It is a little strong, may I warn, and lasts for quite a bit.

As for the effects of making the skin less dry, it helps. Though the results do not immediately show, as long as you use it continuously for a while, you can definitely feel those rough parts of your skin start to “de-rough,” haha. Would I purchase this product? Possibly. I can’t say I am totally in love with the scent, but it is an interesting one that intrigues me, to say the least. The price for one on MOR’s site is $14.00 here. Venture and try out the other products too, if you’d like.

Score: 4/5

Disclaimer: This product was provided to me for review purposes only. All opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own. Thank you for reading!