Purple nail colors seem to be the trend around my area right now since we’re slowly (I mean verrry slowly) transitioning into the fall season, changing from neon bright pinks into deeper hues of violets and reds. Sephora by OPI nail polish in Who’s Spinning Tonight? seemed to be a great choice for this trend.

In real life, the polish is a notch darker than in the photos above. It’s a nice shade of purple, on the warmish side, just between grape and plum. It’s dark but not so much that it looks black or becomes super vampy. The description on the Sephora website is misleading though, they describe it as “opaque metallic true grape” but it is more of a creme with very subtle shimmer in it. The shimmer looks really pretty in the bottle but it is very difficult to see once it is on your nails. I applied three coats for the swatch above because it still looked a little bit streaky with only two, and it lasted about 4 days before seeing any chipping.

Overall, I think this polish is pretty, but nothing particularly special about this shade of purple. I would have liked if the shimmers were a little bit more noticeable to add in more vibrancy to this dark shade.

It’s part of the ballerina collection and you can get it here for $9.50

Score: 3/5

Disclaimer: This product was provided to me for review purposes-only. The opinions in this review are purely my opinion.