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If you’re a big fan of braids (I am - they’re my lazy hairstyle when I don’t want to dry my hair), then this is probably something for you. Tired of the bland simple braids to the side? Then you should check out these hairstyles that look simple enough! More »

Here is Today’s Sale Alert! More »

When I first saw the words “erase paste,” I thought of office and school supplies. Then, looking up the product, discovered that the benefit Erase Paste was a “brightening camouflage for the eyes and face.” That captured my attention and interested me enough to want to try it, as recently I’ve been experiencing dark circles under my eyes, making them look tired and worn out. More »

Today’s Daily Nail Art is a Despicable Me’s Minion design by OhMyNails. The little minions faces look so animated I can practically hear them bickering and giggling amongst each other. More »

It’s the end of summer and your skin is feeling it. It’s dry and cracked and you still want to look great. That’s why Dr. Dennis Gross has come to your aid by giving us an oil-free moisturizer that will keep your skin soft and your pores clean. More »

Today’s Daily Lip Gloss features Kose Delicious Kiss Lip Gloss- Peach. I know, I have this obsession with Asian beauty products (or just stuff in general)… that I am not ashamed of! This lip gloss from Japan looks cute, and I can guess already that there are healthy ingredients in it that are good for your lips. More »

Yep, it is time for another DIY dose. In SecretLifeOfaBioNerd’s latest video, she outlines the benefits of the Artichoke flower whilst demonstrating a simple method on how to create an Artichoke Tea & Mask to assist those who are prone to acne. More »

Sometimes, I prefer to put on lip wear that is between lip gloss and lip balm. It moisturizes and shimmers faintly yet isn’t sticky. That is perfect for when one is on the go and still wants to have fabulous lips. Therefore, I am all for the tarte LipSurgence Natural Lip Luster in Sweet! Let’s take a closer look. More »

Today‚Äôs Beauty Tip of the Day are for those stubborn nail stains that seem to not want to come off with your polish remover. More »

When you try to exfoliate your skin, you want to use the best products possible. You know, one that is gentle on your skin and does a job well done. Said products should use alpha hydroxy acids whenever possible, but since it doesn’t treat sensitive skin too nicely, you might want to opt for a fruity enzyme exfoliator as they are excellent alternatives that treat your skin gently. Try out Organic Pharmacy’s Rose Plus Brightening Complex, which can bright, smooth, and even lighten pigmentation found on your skin. And not only that, but it can prevent your dark spots from growing. Snazzy. More »

Here is today’s Sale Alert! More »

Nail polish brand Deborah Lippmann seems to want to get this party started. The brand has announced its new nail polish collection, Get This Party Started, that features three different colors that glitter and sparkle and put Edward Cullen to shame. The colors include Happy Birthday, Forget You, and Candy Shop. Definitely shiny and sparkly, you’ll have a blast with these colors! More »

Though we’re nearing the end of summer, the hottest month of summer has yet to come around. September typically is the hottest month of summer and to keep you prepared for those hot icky temperatures, here are some items that will keep you nice and cool. More »

Today’s Daily Lip Gloss features Sephora Collection- Color Wand for Lips! The design is pretty cool, with “six mini lip glosses joined together in an innovative wand.” More »

It seems like Victoria’s Secret is trying to hypnotize you with its new limited edition makeup collection. Called “Hypnotic”, it includes lipstick, eye shadow, blush and eye liner. Not only that, but it comes in colorful packaging and boxes, so it’ll keep your makeup collection looking quite fashionable. More »



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