Want to know what kind of makeup and beauty secrets Emma Watson uses? You’ve come to the right place!

First of all, she attributes her need for perfect makeup to the lack of hair hiding her face, aka that cute pixie haircut. She says, “There’s no way to hide when you have short hair. You really have to go for it.” And I agree, you really have no way to hide anything, any flaws or imperfections, even a pimple!

Her signature look, eyebrows that are bold, very flawless skin and only a slight amount of makeup isn’t as easy to achieve as it looks. Or is it? She uses a reliable set of tools in which to keep up with her look. Taking a look at the picture below, you can see some of her favs.

Beginning from the top left, we have a bronzer, Yves Saint Laurent’s Crème de Blush ($38). She uses this because, as she put it, she’s so pale and English. I wonder if she’s seen some of the people where I live, we are very pale here for no good reason!

Anyway going to the bottom left, Hypnôse Doll Lashes mascara ($25) by Lancome (she’s an ambassador for them and Jinra even did a review on this particular mascara here.) for the kewpie doll look. (Don’t know what a kewpie doll is? Look at the picture below.) She stated she loves Twiggy and loves that this was made especially to get that look.Next up is the bottom right, Giorgio Armani Beauty Luminous silk powder ($45). It definitely looks silky, don’t you agree? And she’s mentioned she gets her eyebrows threaded. I’ve always wanted to try that, to be honest. As for the top right, she’s mentioned she really loves “Blink,” a London-based line of beauty products, including the defining pencils pictures seen above.

She has said that she will look for what works best for her, and then continue to buy that particular thing.

What do YOU do when you find new beauty products? And what do you think of Emma Watson’s beauty tools?