The admittedly pretty girl you see above is Bae Dal-mi, a South Korean girl who had chosen to wear her makeup full-time, 24 hours a day for…two years. Making a point to never be seen with her bare face, she pretty much just kept applying and retouching her makeup day after day.

20-year-old Bae Dal-mi stepped into the world of makeup when she was 14 and seemed to fall in love since that first application. In developing her skills on applying, she came to apply more and more so that her makeup was more like a mask. Though it was also a face that she liked and became dependent on enough that she didn’t ever want to see herself without it.

Despite being considered rather pretty, Bae also revealed that she was dissatisfied with her appearance and wanted cosmetic/plastic surgery on at least 10 areas of her face.

Even around family and at home, she became a bit obsessed with her makeup and chose to not remove it, even at night. “I wanted to look perfect at all times, I even slept with the makeup on,” she shares. Everywhere she goes, she makes sure to have a mirror handy as her most important item and also to use it to retouch her makeup, by applying layer after layer over her existing makeup.

In the last two years, Dal-mi has not used any makeup remover. This led her mother, so frustrated with her daughter’s makeup obsession, to contact a TV station to share her story and hopefully be able to convince her to finally remove her makeup mask.

During the show, she had a visit to the dermatologist and the group of doctors managed to get her to remove the two year’s worth of makeup on her skin. After a skin checkup, they actually revealed that her skin was two times older than her actual age…making it 40 years old and not something that a young adult should have. Not to mention the loads of small bumps that lay lurking underneath.

But it’s a side effect to the type of damage that can occur from keeping makeup on your skin for so long. Besides the early aging, it also brings about clogged pores…ugh.

With the help of the show’s makeup artists, they were able to transform her makeup routine to something that was a bit more natural and with as minimal makeup as possible. She was pleased enough to be satisfied with this new look that let her feel more like herself and fresh. She was even happy enough to remove her blond wig!

Such an insane story. I mean, two years?! I feel like my skin gets mad when I have it on for barely a day, much less anything past 24 hours. Though I do sort of get that sometimes you can be a bit insecure about how your bare face looks that you don’t really want to let anyone ever see you without makeup on. But I mean, thinking about your skin’s health seems like it should have the priority though.

Thoughts on this crazy tale?


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Whoa..that’s crazy..Good thing she removed her makeup! 

wow thats really sad :( she didn’t want to be seen without make up..even with her own family

make up help everyone, but not this girl…
too much make is way not good :/

wow, im speechless.. 2 years.
how can she sleep with the makeup on ?

no wonder she looks pretty!

I wouldn’t even wear make-up if i naturally looked like her

Wow, as soon as I saw the title, I had to read. I automatically thought that that must be unhealthy! I was thinking more about pimples… those other things did not cross my mind! How crazy! She should have taken the make up off at night… it must have looked horrible in the morning. And it must have been tough to take off 2 years of make up! Glad that she knows this stuff now. I’m glad her mom stepped in. It saved her skin before it got worse. She is pretty. I think her skin isn’t as bad as it could be after all that time…

oh my that is.. oh no :s
she looks so pretty with out all the make-up..

wow, thank goodness they got her to remove the makeup!! she looks prettier without it

:O omg… i feel bad if i sleep in my make up after a night out, her skin must have felt terrible - and that must mean she didn’t wash her face for 2 years! gross!

Just cause your not happy with your appearance means others arn’t.
Im not happy with my appearance but others are. And all that make up on. Ewwww.
I cant even stand wearing it for a school day. It was hard enough wearing it on Halloween…

It’s so sad!

But kind of a good idea!! hmmm

Such a cute girl with a crazy habit!
I’m sure glad she got a healthier routine!!

omg how crazy can she be? xDD

okay wow i hate makeup it really annoys me ! .. omg why would she do this to herself come on your pretty T_T ..i guess its like an anorexic thinking there fat ..this is a makeuporexic ? ...thinking there ugly keep pounding on the face cake ..geez.. 

wow that pretty amazing i think . and so unhealthy --” but i’m glad now that she got to take care of her skin better,, though it’s actually good to want to show the best out of us because yeah just as usual girl, but it also important to know the limit and take care of ourselves raspberry

omg~~ how could she stay comfortable with 2 years unclean make-up?? the longest duration for me is about only 6 hours before i clean my face and apply them again~ but good thing she changed now~

Wow… This must’ve been really eyeopening for her. :<

Oh gods… I never wear makeup. But she looks totally fine without it, in fact, I think she looks better without all that makeup! I’m glad the show was able to talk some sense into her… and she looks like a normal twenty-year-old with that new natural look smile otherwise she just looks like a porcelain doll… pretty, but unnatural. 

That’s kinda scary. Actually, I hate makeup, it’s really irritating. I keep washing off the makeup even before I take part in some performance smile

I’ve read about this.. What surprise me is she doesn’t have any pimples while wearing make up for almost 2 years. She’s already look pretty without make up.

I feel for her; sometime I don’t even like to look at myself without eyeliner on, but there are limits. I’m glad she was able to go lighter and take off the wig
she looks cute with all that makeup but she looks so pretty without it.
+without the makeup the little bumps on her face can clear up and she won’t have adult acne when she’s in her 30’s

She looked prettier with the make-up.

That’s scary that her skin was actually 20 years older. I can’t imagine reapplying makeup over and over again. >_<

I was so supprised that she has had even worn a wig!
She looks so much more pretty without that much make up and her wig!
Her natural face and hair fit her so much better!

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