This November, Dolce & Gabbana introduces a new collection of fragrances by the name of Velvet Collection. The six perfumes in this collection all contain the name of Velvet and include Velvet Vetiver, Velvet Patchouli, Velvet Wood, Velvet Desire, Velvet Sublime, and Velvet Love.

Velvet Vetiver (pictured above) has wafts of the Mediterranean and summer and contains vetiver, galbanum, and fig. Velvet Wood is composed of ebony, galbanum resin, and black leather. Velvet Patchouli contains notes of patchouli oil, kephalis molecule, and musk. Velvet Desire is floral with notes of gardenia, tuberose, and frangipani. Velvet Love mixes carnation with ylang-ylang and pepper. Velvet Sublime (pictured below) includes Sicilian mandarin, orange blossom, and neroli perfume notes.

Each fragrance scent comes in 50ml eau de parfum bottles.