Many huge designers of today including Guerlain and Chanel, and along with even the smaller companies like Edward Bess, are already snatching at your wallets with their lipsticks that range from $30 to $40.

You might even be a victim of Clé de Peau Beauté of Shiseido, owners of the Extra Rich Lipstick which sells for $60. Gisela Ballard, the executive director of marketing of the company, says that the vitamin A acetate is what really makes the product stand out as it “counteracts vertical lines,” which doesn’t come cheap. Also paired with the ingredient comes its great color pigmentation and angled-shape which allows precision.

Tom Ford has been pretty successful lately with his new and high-priced lipstick from his company, Tom Ford Beauty, as women pushed their way to the cash register at high-end cosmetic shops to buy his lipsticks. The new coveted beauty item is priced at approximately $48. However, Ford wasn’t specific on the reasons for the price of the item other than its nice coloring. Perhaps some people really enjoy nice colors.

Karen Grant, of NPD Group, mentioned that there may be psychological aspects happening here. According to Grant, these types of buyers do what they do “because the people who [they] know will know the difference. A brand like Clé de Peau has to rely on its skin care heritage, but fashion brands such as Tom Ford or Chanel already have established aspiration stories. It makes [them] feel cool to be part of it.”

Perhaps it’d be due to an aching wallet on my part, but I probably wouldn’t dish out about half a hundred dollars on a lipstick unless I adored the shade to bits and the ingredients were worth mentioning. Grant does make a point that is clear to everyone, but not something the consumers want to acknowledge. I find it a bit outrageous for people who could spend their money on necessities, but for those who have bills lying around that are collecting dust: go for it!