Lady Gaga’s personal nail tech, Naomi Yasuda, created a set of limited edition press-on nails that are totally Gaga-fied, for Lady Gaga’s holiday “Gaga’s Workshop” for Barneys New York.

This new look isn’t just a firey fashion statement, but a way to give back to the community as well. How? 25% of all sales from the $225 sets will be donated to the Born This Way Foundation, Gaga’s youth-empowerment nonprofit organization. It’s a win-win solution, you get some fabulous nails without the guilt of spending so much money.

In my opinion…I think the nails fit the Halloween theme much better then the one of Christmas holidays. I guess Gaga’s calendar was a little behind schedule…

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definitely not for commoners like me… haha

oh my lol XD those r EXTREME but that’s Gaga for u haha. idt id feel safe enough to wear these ahahha

They’re just as crazy and unique as all Lady Gaga’s other things! XD I wonder how much you can do with these nails. I don’t even think you can hold a fork and knife for a single dinner. XD

wow those look painful xD especially if you stab someone with those xD i think ill pass!

xD looks like a nail weapon

Looks cool. I think I’d hurt someone though. :x

I totally see Gaga in here...and I totally can’t see myself wearing those raspberry

Shokubox - 11/22/11 4:54 pm

lol the Title made me think of that purple dinosaur!

LOL same!!! I loved that dinosaur! He has such white teeth...raspberry

Wow!! I definitely see Lady Gaga with these type of nails.

lol the Title made me think of that purple dinosaur!

wow pretty cool nails :D
maybe I would not use these :D but maybe on halloween smile

Pretty nails xD. Very firey.

wow so red ..
it’s so devil like..
interesting nails :D ~
not sure i would like to wear them ..
but they sure do look unique ^^ ~



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