In a recent interview, 24 year old actress Kristin Cavallari revealed some of her diet and beauty tips. During the interview, she revealed that she actually goes to the gym four times a week and mostly craves for healthy food. Starting her day with a workout, she always combines this with a light diet and intense training together for Dancing With the Stars. Kristin Cavallari also revealed that she discourages having Botox because people might not know what the bad term effects this treatment will cause you.

Sharing some beauty tips as well, she said that drinking water and washing your face no matter how tired you are actually helps make your skin look clearer. When going out on special occasions, this actress loves to use the Armani foundation and mascara, NARSOrgasm” blush and Bobbi Brown Gel eyeliner. However, for a regular day, she just wears minimal foundation and mascara.