By golly, in the three months, it shall be spring once more and to help prep you for the springtime, Jo Malone comes out with a limited edition fragrance collection called London Blooms.

True to its name, the collection is made up of 3 different fragrances, each inspired by breathtaking English lawns and crafted to perfection. The fragrances are:
- Christine Nagle: Peony & Moss (perfume notes of black currant, ivy, green accords, peony and moss, reminds one of delicate flowers and wet grass/moss);
- White Lilac & Rhubarb (perfume notes of rubarb, white lilac, rose, and heliotrope, said to be romantic);
- Iris & Lady Moore (perfume notes of fresh and spicy geranium, powdery iris, and dry vetiver; said to be classic and elegant).

Each fragrance is described as scents to help bring happiness all around. They will be housed in floral-designed 100ml bottles.