Pop punk princess, Avril Lavigne, has already made a name for herself in the music world, but she is definitely not any less of a threat in the world of fashion and beauty.

At 27 years old, she already boasts a popular clothing line, Abbey Dawn, and many interesting fragrances. To add to that impressive list, she has just signed a deal with Coty’s Sally Hansen and they are ready to create a unique nail collection for its Salon Effects brand.

The limited edition line will feature twelve designs and 16 nail-polish strips, a cuticle stick, a mini-file and buffer and instructions for at-home application. This kit will go for $9.99 and will be available in April.

On this exciting new path in her career, Avril commented, “This is pretty much the coolest thing, because I also do clothing — I love clothing, nails and fragrance, hair, makeup, all that stuff. I was really excited about the Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips — especially since they’re superquick. You clean your nails, peel the strips and apply them, file and go. I’m superfast at it, so it takes me like five minutes to do my nails. And it’s supercool because the designs that I came up with are my personal style and vibe — they’re rock ’n’ roll and fun and bright and colorful. You have sparkles and little stars — they are cute. For me, I’ll be flying on a plane and be like, ‘Sh–, I need to do my nails.’ I can do these on a plane; I’ve done them in the car.

On what her fans will think of in, she added, “I’m a really visual person; I like creating, and I love to have fun with colors. I think this offers self-expression, and it’s a really smart, versatile way to show your style. I think my fans will really like it, because it’s easy and simple and fun.

I love Avril’s style, so I’m quite excited to see what her nail line will look like!