Since Korean brands and products have been the it thing in skincare lately in my area, I decided to test out the brand Charmzone out myself. Getting this Gingko Natural Foam Cleansing Cream was really not a lot of trouble–I went into a local Korean cosmetics store and asked for tips and got recommended this product.

When I bought the product, I initially got the product I paid for plus some samples of their Natural Skinade BB Cream and their normal cleansing cream.

This is what Charmzone states about their product:

The delicate and plentiful foam cleans impurities from your pores. The natural Ginkgo leaf ingredients and the moisturizing ingredients allow your skin to feel soft and radiant after washing.

Here’s what the the inside product looks like on my hand (not foamed up yet):

On the back of the product, it states the directions on how to use it properly:

After applying lukewarm water to your face, spread an adequate amount (about 2.0 grams) of Charmzone Ginkgo Natural foam Cleansing Cream over your entire face and massage the foam gently onto your skin. Rinse thoroughly with water.

I found that it took quite a small amount of the product plus a little bit of water for it to foam up instantly by rubbing my hands together. I was pretty much amazed by how well this product worked because it managed to remove my makeup too (even when I was wearing waterproof makeup). It does say on the back that it will remove light makeup, but I didn’t think it was strong enough to go to the waterproof section.

Once you put the product on your face, you can actually feel the cleansing action, but the problem comes when you wash it away. I felt that once I washed away the product from my face or cleansed my hands, they felt dry almost immediately. Sure, my skin felt really soft like they said at the back and it looked like I was a bit more radiant, but I had to immediately run for moisturiser for my hands and my toner and emulsifier and cream from the same line.

Overall, if you’re not too not scared of feeling like your skin’s immensely dried after using the cleanser, I would highly reccommend you try out this product because it does a lot better job at cleaning than what my previous cleanser Aveeno used to do. Plus, I like the smell of the Ginkgo better, very refreshing! (Sort of like Bath & Body Works‘ discontinued Rainkissed Leaves scent if you wanted a better description.)

Score: 4.5/5

If you are interested in purchasing Charmzone Gingko Natural Foam Cleansing Cream, look in your local Asian beauty supply store, or try purchasing it online, there are a lot of sites that sell this!

Disclaimer: Charmzone Gingko Natural Foam Cleansing Cream was purchased through my own money. The opinions in this review are 100% my own.