Just how well do lotions and creams work for your dry skin? Well, it isn’t fair to group them all together. Some might be more effective in some ways while others will be abundant in another feature. The Eight Hour Cream Limited Edition Jewel Collection Intensive Moisturizing Hand Treatment by Elizabeth Arden caught my eye (yes, long name, I know), so I decided to see what this “eight hour cream” would be able to do.

The official Elizabeth Arden site provides this blurb on the product: “This fast-absorbing gel cream for the hands moisturises for up to eight hours. Soothing emollients smooth and soften rough, weather-exposed skin. Signs of dryness and cracking are reversed so hands look and feel soft and touchable. This intensive Hand Treatment is wrapped to glow in shimmering garnet.”

Gotta say I love the color of the cream’s tube: a pretty scarlet red with a diamond pattern in silver. Twisting open the 30 mL filled cream’s cap, I squeezed the amount of two peas onto my hand. The texture of the white cream is very light and non-sticky, easily spreadable. The smell, however, I was not too fond of. The scent is not anything like Bath and Body Works products, but there is a distinct and a bit generic “high quality skin care” smell to it.


I applied it for a while week straight, about two times a day, and I can say that my hands that have been worn out from the cold weather have gotten softer. At first, I felt like there was hardly a difference, but I guess it takes a little time for the effects to kick in. Now, if the fragrance were a bit more to my liking…

I do recommend this product if you are not too picky about the generic skin product lotion smell, as the outcome of the skin is the most important. It is part of the Limited Edition Jewel Collection, on top of that. For some reason, using the cream makes me feel more… sophisticated, haha.

If interested, you can purchase here.

Score: 4/5

Disclaimer: A sample product has been provided to me for review purposes only. All opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own. Thanks for reading!