Been having problems with dry and ill-looking hair lately? The solution: skip a day without washing your hair. Experts advice their clients to skip the washing every single day and this claim is supported by science.

It seems that daily shampooing greatly damages hair and promotes dry, lifeless hair. Shampooing and other chemical treatments washes away natural oils (sebum), that normally coats our hair. These oils provide shine and protection, making the hair look healthier and more radiant. Sebum, also, waterproofs and moisturizes the skin and hair and protects them from drying. Without it, the skin can dry and shed prematurely, leaving thriving cells exposed to the elements.

This may sound a little gross when one think about leaving your hair oily, but skipping the shampoo step every day, however, doesn’t mean you have to be unhygienic. In fact, you can still get it wet and add styling products as needed. Any comments or additional tips?

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HyunSeungFan - 02/07/12 7:40 pm

i knew this xD! i only wash my hair every other day, but my friends look at me like I’m crazy when i tell them not wash their hair everyday >.>

Same here!!!

I think another tip would be to pay attention to what kind of shampoo you use. Sulfate-free is a lot better for not drying out your hair.

I have heard this before. My hair doesn’t get that oily so I don’t worry much. XD

ahhh I’ve heard of this before, but my hair is naturally oily, so not the best idea for me >____>

i knew this xD! i only wash my hair every other day, but my friends look at me like I’m crazy when i tell them not wash their hair everyday >.>

*GASP* I can’t do that!! I agree...but when you are living in a country of mostly hot and dry weather, you tend to wash your hair everyday. I do that...can’t stand a day without washing my hair. It gets all itchy and uncomfortable. Hmm, I’ll try this out though. My hair’s getting really dry.
True...shampoo is chemical and chemical is obviously not good for the hair…



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