Face it, we all hate wrinkles, but they are somehow always able to make their ways towards our faces. Aging could be meaningful, but not really the wrinkles. Below lists four most common kinds of wrinkles, as well as the way to treat or prevent them.

Says the researchers at the University Hospital of Liege, Belgium with their International Journal of Cosmetic Science (2006), here are the few types that people usually come across.

1. Atrophic Crinkling Rhytids
Associated with loss of elasticity, they appear in many different places, but sometimes seem to disappear when skin is stretched transversally. Don’t be tricked to think that they’re gone, all they did was switched spots and reappear once your posture or expression is back.
The easiest way to prevent these wrinkles is to use sunscreen, or use moisturizers to plump your skin and temporarily minimize the appearance of these wrinkles.

2. Permanent Elastic Creases
They are crease lines that get deeper and more permanent over time, mostly appearing on cheeks, the upper lip, as well as the base of the neck.

What you can do to fight these lines is to stop smoking (if you do), minimize sun exposure, and use sunscreen to avoid them.

3. Dynamic Expression Lines
These are the ones that we all hate the most since we’re pretty innocent and don’t exactly deserve these. They are the ones that are caused by facial muscle movement, which means that when you frown or smile, you get these annoying lines.

Apparently, Botox and other similar injectable wrinkle treatments are the few things available out there that can help us with these. The wrinkles respond best as well.

4. Gravitational Folds
Like the name suggests, they come from the effects of gravity. And over time, they become increasingly obvious. Somehow, a “plumper” face may have more of these folds than a lean one, according to researchers.

Sadly and expensively, the most effective way of getting rid of these wrinkles is to get some cosmetic surgery such as face lifts done.

I personally am not too affected by these fine lines just yet because of my age. They are the natural occurrences of life and I really don’t see the point of getting surgery or Botox done to get rid of them. Though, just don’t smoke and try to avoid the sun’s heat attack.

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I didn’t know about this. I think I’m starting to have it. This is not good.

Botox? Umm…
So in a nutshell, the few ways to avoid wrinkles are avoid sun exposure, use moisturisers, Botox and surgery? Hmm…

wow i never knew any of this ^^~! very informational :D!

My knowledge of wrinkles have increased. XD
I should use sunscreen more when I am in the sun. 

ahhh I always use sunscreen, so hopefully my skin will be okay in the future ^^



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