Sometimes I feel like lip balms are like nail polish - whether you need it or not, you always manage to end up with another one. And who knows? Maybe the next one will become “the one”…that you’ll end up wearing again and again for as long as you live. So after trying to place some logic on that, let’s see if the Korean cosmetic brand, VOV, and their Girl’s Lip Tint Balm in #01 Berry Girl could be a potential perfect shade.

Packaging: I really liked the presentation that it comes, with the adorable box that lets you peek at the actual lip tint balm itself. Not to mention the nice sturdiness of handheld-sized glass-plastic jar that gets props for not feeling like it’ll break if you accidentally drop it. Plus I like being able to actually see the product inside.

Shade: Filled with fine shimmers, Berry Girl is a baby pink-esque shade that I find super gorgeous. Being one of those colors that is so classically girly, it gives off an impression that it would really be the perfect finishing touch to complete a natural or everyday makeup look (or just something that won’t draw too much color attention to your lips).

Formula: Looking at it from the jar and reading that it was a balm, I had expected it to be really solid…but surprisingly, it wasn’t! Instead, it has a sort of cream texture that is sort of lip gloss…y (though not as much emphasis on the sticky aspects) and how you expect a lip balm to be. Very interesting though I did like that it made it easy to sort of just effortlessly swipe onto my lips.

Application: Extremely pleased since it did go on so nicely. The only slight bother that I had with it was that, since it comes in a jar, it calls you to use your finger to apply it. More so if I would take it with me out for the day. Though it’s an easy fix if I’m at home, since I tend to use a lip brush to apply it anyway. But I just have a personal meh to use my finger…since it involves cleaning it after, but not that big of a deal. Or well, it’s forgiven since it comes in such a cute jar.

Despite how the Girl’s Lip Tint Balm appears to be semi-opaque-looking, it actually didn’t apply over to my lips too intensely. Instead I just get a light wash of color that seems to tone down my natural lip color a little, which I like. It sort of allows me to rock a bit of the pale lip color without being too dramatic.

Overall: Very pleased with this. I don’t really have anything like this in my current makeup collection, so it’s a welcome addition. Especially for being able to be a bit more subtle in its color payoff, though the slight shine it provides is nice to reveal a bit of notice to my lips.

With 4 different shades available, you can go for a darker tint or something that will give more of a nude lip, which could be really pretty too.

The only negatives would be the application just a tiny bit. But if that doesn’t bother you too much, than I’d definitely say go for it! And from this, I’ll be keeping my eye out to try out VOV again.

If interested, you can also select it as a free gift at KpopHeaven on purchases of $50 or more.

Score: 4.5/5

(Disclaimer: VOV’s Girl’s Lip Tint Balm in #01 Berry Girl was provided to me for review purposes. This review is purely my opinion.)

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The package is kind of cute, but I like Etude betterXD

nice box smile

looks good smile

It looks adorable. I would definitely get this ^^

the packaging is so adorable that I would buy this just because of that xD
but I bet I would fall in love in this product :D

wow i really like the color :D!!

oooh I like the cute packaging! :D
and the colours look great!
wanna get one now raspberry



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