As unbelievable as it sounds…someone like her exists. Meet Ji Hyun Ji, a considerably pretty girl who has one strange habit that definitely doesn’t match her outward appearance. Especially since she decided to stop brushing her teeth a full decade ago. Seriously…gross.

Featured on tvN’s Martian Virus, a popular TV program based in Seoul, Korea, the idea of the show is that they introduce those with habits or characteristics that many may find weird or grotesque (guessing this is where the martian of the title comes into play), but the individual at hand is proud of it nonetheless.

So miss Ji Hyun Ji, delightfully also known by her nickname, “Cutey Yellowish” (I know.) has been so unfamiliar with that daily routine that you and I probably do without thinking, that she says she forgot how. The actual last time she remembers doing so was when her mother brushed teeth for her.

Though she claims to have a reason for this habit: “I do not understand why people should brush teeth, as it is not like others will look into your mouth. As food scraps pile on, they will actually protect my teeth.” (GIRL. Are you kidding me? What is this logic?!)

I should mention that she does take the effort to wipe her front teeth with a tissue on “special” occasions. (I want to cry for her plaque…)

So back to the show, where they plan to reveal the dentists’ diagnosis on her teeth’s condition, which they claim is the most shocking incident of their careers. And even though Ji Hyun Ji has forgotten how to brush her teeth, the program will also try to persuade her to do so again.

So somehow…I think I found another crazy beauty story that beats out the last one. I want to seriously yell at her. I mean, I can’t even manage a day without brushing my teeth before just feeling like they’re dirty. But how do you let 10 years go by?!

Okay, somewhere in her head, there’s a tiny bit of reasonable logic, since she did mention that she at least wipes her teeth for those “special” events. But man…whether she does or doesn’t have a boyfriend…how does anyone get near her mouth? Insane. Let alone be near her breath…I hope she’s a mint popper at least. She’s also fairly pretty too, so it really doesn’t match her visuals.

If interested, I did manage to find the episode here (unfortunately no English subtitles) if you’re interested in watching. I was mainly interested to see if the people on the show managed to convince her to take up brushing again. Or at least that it’s not a waste of time…

Thoughts and opinions?


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That’s just gross. How can you forget how to brush your teeth? She would remember how if she looks at her family. I wonder how would her breath smell like.

Honestly, that’s too much. Does she not know about personal hygiene? From the first picture, I wouldn’t expect something like that from someone like her. PLEASE BRUSH YOUR TEETH!^^

ewl that’s so gross :O
i can’t imagine that~~~

That is just gross… I can’t even go to sleep if I don’t brush my teeth before bed! 

Ok I won’t say that I have brushed my teeth every single day of my entire life. There’s been like two instances where I didn’t brush my teeth because I was exhausted but right after waking up i ran to the bathroom to brush them. This can lead to some serious health problems other than her mouth and breath alone… she might lose her teeth or something!!! Teeth are the first thing a person sees!!!!

seriously!! 10 years?!
I can’t even stay 2 days without brushing them!

....and i was like, O_O

if I don’t brush my teeth, every time I smile I feel like my teeth are dirty and I should’nt smile

some people will forget to do so.
like, they’re too busy or just too tired.
c’mon. we’ve all done it atleast once.

Alright I admit I sometimes forget to brush my teeth but that’s only like before bedtime. I have rarely gone more than 5 hours without brushing my teeth. When I do it’s because I forgot before bed. I wake up at 5:30 AM and brush my teeth. At 10 AM I brush my teeth again before leaving the house. After lunch, again another brush. After a shower, brush. It’s crazy I know but it’s a habit =/

Omds o-o
But. Ew. Doesnt she just feel a //bit/ gross? o-o

Ugh...I can’t even stand it if I missed brushing my teeth once...ten mouth would already smell like garbage...corpse...? This is way too gross. I bet nobody wants to talk to her face to face.

>< that is just not rite >< does she use mouth wash.. atleast >< !? 

omg - - me myself also get lazy sometimes but yeah i need to brush! OMG! i dont dare to talk to someone if i don’t brush my teeth = =

won’t her teeth went rotte? such strong teeth! wow!

10 years without brushing teeth.. crazy or she want to get into the Guinness Book of Records..
I thought only homeless people don’t wash their teeth and body o_O

Omg… That’s freaking gross!!

how has she gone through the years?? didn’t anyone tell her anything? can’t she smell her own breath? ........................

blueberrypop - 03/06/12 4:03 am

before it was the girl who didnt remove her makeup for years and now a girl who hasnt brush her teeth for 10 years?! what’s up with koreans 0_0

It can be ANYONE in the world, NOT just koreans. -.-

before it was the girl who didnt remove her makeup for years and now a girl who hasnt brush her teeth for 10 years?! what’s up with koreans 0_0

I wonder what her friends and family say

my dad’s teeth rotted.  Also, science proves her wrong. 

First, it was makeup, now it’s the theeth!

Her theeth got some spots so yellow! It’s like her theeth came from the jungle! What is you smile or laugh? You need to cover your mouth? For the first you brush, you’re bleeding! Look! Even you brushed, your mouth still stinks! I can’t beleive how the dentist can make them white so fast!!!

omg. how can ppl stand next to her? doesnt she smnell her own breath. such a waste for such a pretty face. 

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