While many thinks only biker dudes get tattoos, they were recently proven wrong. A new study revealed that 59% of the people that get tattoos are female.

It’s also revealed that 40% of women get tattooed along with a friend, which makes it a bonding experience. 68% of the women who gets tattooed are satisfied and believes their tattoos are beautiful. Common tattoos are angels and hearts. Women tend to have 1 or 2 small tattoos with some type of significance like: an anniversary date, and their love’s name, while men tend to get bigger tattoos to fill up an area of their body.

It’s not that shocking as I’ve seen more women with tattoos than men. Are you shocked anyway?


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Yeah, I’m not surprised. I have friends who want to get tattoos too. Plus, they plan to get it together XD I was planning to get a small but significant one too. LOL. But, I don’t know anymore. raspberry

not really surprised! but I hate tattoos! 

hehe I’m not that surprise either :D I know a lot of females who have many tattoos smile
I can’t wait the day when I’m gonna get mine!!! :D

no im not really surprised. I want to get one someday.

Oh, I know this woman!! Guess I’m not so surprised~

Not shocked at the results. I think significant tattoos are nice. I’m not fond with tattoos but if I did get a tattoo, it would be quite a small one and something that means a lot to me.

cool fact, although it does make sense! ^^

wow i totally didn’t expect that! who would have guessed *O*

wow i never knew that. this is interesting fact



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