I know I often say you can’t go wrong with pink lipstick, well, the same can be said for blush. To match the Saint Germain Paris Lipstick in Pink is the Saint Germain Paris Blush in Pink.


The blush comes in the same sleek Saint Germain packaging that’s about 1.5×1.5 in — a good amount for blush.




The texture of the Saint Germain Paris Blush is powder, but not too fine. When you dip into it, you have to make sure to tap the excess out so that you don’t get too much product on your cheeks at once. The color is buildable, but I found myself satisfied with the color after the first application. The color is a warm pink that’ll suit just about any skintone. Here’s a swatch of the blush:

Here it is on:


Performance-wise, this blush lasted me pretty much the whole day (with face primer). As a neutral shade of pink, you can’t really go wrong adding a bit of glow to your cheeks. Retailing at $3.95, it’s definitely a steal.

Score: 5/5

To purchase or for more information, head here.

Disclaimer: Saint Germain Paris Blush in Pink was provided to me by Saint Germain for review purposes only. The opinions in this revirew are 100% my own.